Too many movies, not enough readers

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With 37 Marvel comic book movies since 2000 and 13 more to come in the next four years, it is easy to say that the superhero genre has taken over the film industry.  

The debate of how much the films stay true to the source material is always being uttered somewhere, and in my eyes, they don’t.

I recently began reading and collecting comic books. In one week, I bought 122 comic books, both single issues and graphic novels. 

Once I started reading comics, I saw clear differences from the versions on screen. 

The comics can do no wrong. What is printed, whether in the ‘60s or last month, was worked on meticulously by the writers and artists. The story arcs are curated with the reader’s happiness, not the reader’s money, in mind.

Superhero films are often cash cows for the studios producing them. The profit margin is high, even at the expense of the product and the lack of quality. In this case, the expense is the story. 

“Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” received an average rating of 5/10 on Rotten Tomatoes and has been criticized severely for not sticking to the source material. Yet, the film has made about $630 million worldwide since it premiered. 

The films go at a ridiculously fast pace. For example, “Captain America: Civil War” is based on a comic book crossover story.

The actual story arc is composed from over 150 comics ranging from the actual Civil War series to the Fantastic Four and the X-Men. 

This allows the reader to invest time and effort to the story and deteriorates those who jump on the bandwagon of the films. 

The same thing happens when you read a comic book as when you read a novel; you become a part of it. You’re narrating a story that you begin to relate to. It begins to intrigue you, and that allows you to continue with issues and/or story arcs, a happy and positive cycle. 

Films give you timed happiness. You’re excited about the film, you go see the film, you talk about the film after watching the film and then you forget the film. 

Don’t get me wrong. I see the films. I, like everyone else, have acquired a taste for the action and destruction porn of these films. But I want to advise all that the comic books are much better for the stories and the hobby. 

In that one week of reading and collecting comic books I talked with many comic book collectors, young and old. We got to talk about the stories that bring us joy.

In all honesty, these stories mean nothing in our real lives but they mean everything in our fantasy lives. 

Bryan Orozco is a journalism major. He asks that if you see him, to not beat him up and take his lunch money.

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