The Word: Desert Vista


Question: Where do you like to go and get away on campus?

Student Quote: The Downtown Campus. I like to hang out in what’s left of the cafeteria.

Name: Francis Well

Major: Welding

Age: 29




Student Quote: “The Learning Center. They’ve got everything.”

Name: Nicholas Lona

Major: General studies

Age: 31




Student Quote: “The room across from the bookstore (Student Life room). It’s more calming there; there are a lot of people in case I need help. Name: Matthew Scalf                                    

Major: Criminal justice

Age: 20







Student Quote: “The library. They have little cubicles, and I can just put my headphones in and study.”

Name: Breana Montecinos

Major: Nursing

Age. 21






Student Quote: “I like the cafeteria. It’s pretty private when they’re not having an event.”

Name: April Catalig

Major: Nursing

Age: 21


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