‘The Losers’ proves itself a winner

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By D.J. Ochoa

With most action comedies, only two scenarios can take place. The film either leaves the audience wanting more, or makes them wonder why they bothered to view a 90-minute disaster. 

“The Losers” gives the audience what it wants and more. Do not let the title of the film deter you from spending your hard-earned money for a ticket. It’s a fun, action-packed ride that keeps you entertained from beginning to end.

The film is based on a 32-issue DC comic graphic novel written by Andy Diggle.

The plot is very simple: The losers are members of an elite U.S. Special Forces unit (each with a distinctive personality) who are double-crossed by a mysterious boss who contacts them only by phone. 

With their government crucifying them, the losers set out to take revenge on Max (Jason Patric), the man who betrayed them.

The leader of the group, Clay, played by Watchmen’s Jeffrey Dean Morgan, is trying to cope with what happened to his team and is desperate for some help. 

Aisha, played by the lovely Zoe Saldana, seems to have the solution and helps the group find Max.

The action in the movie is slightly mediocre, but four losers keep the film together. The four are Jensen (Chris Evans), Pooch (Columbus Short), Roque (Idris Elda) and Cougar (Oscar Jaenada).

The film’s most entertaining parts come when Jensen and Pooch share the big screen. From Pooch limping to safety after being shot in both legs to Jensen’s comedic escape to Journey’s classic hit, “Don’t Stop Believing,” the two will surely have audiences laughing away.

“The Losers” will not surprise anyone watching it for the first time. It is a film that holds the definition of “it is what it is.”

There are more funny moments than action moments, but the movie is still well worth viewing.

If you love action and comedy, “The Losers” is a great start to an action-filled summer while we await the release of “Iron Man 2.”

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