Preserve Planned Parenthood

September 3, 2015

By DANYELLE KHMARA Over the summer, controversial videos were released which spawned a nation-wide yawp over Planned Parenthood’s federal funding. In these videos, made by the Center for Medical Progress, people pretending to be from a fetal tissue procurement company secretly recorded conversations with Planned Parenthood doctors about acquiring fetal tissue for medical research. According to […]

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FROM THE ARCHIVES: Aztec Press distributes condoms in 1988

February 19, 2013

BY SIERRA J. RUSSELL In early issues of the Aztec Press, readers were more likely to see an illustration of a topless woman than an article about contraception. Gradually, however, safe-sex awareness emerged. In a 1975 article, a county health educator said venereal diseases do not always have noticeable symptoms, allowing them to spread from […]

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