SEP-Bécalos-Santander Universidades

Pima welcomes Becalos Grant students

November 16, 2017

By ARMANDO HARMON In May, Pima Community College submitted a proposal for the Secretariat of Education SEP-Belcalos-Santander Universidades International Program. Otherwise known as the Becalos grant, this grant allows students from Mexico to have the opportunity to enroll and take courses at PCC. At the start of the semester, 75 students were enrolled at the […]

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Pima welcomes Bécalos students

September 3, 2015

On Sept. 2, students from universities all over Mexico will arrive in Tucson as part of the SEP-Bécalos-Santander Universidades International Program. Program coordinators are prepared to receive 58 students coming in from Chihuahua to Mexico City and many places in between. It’s Pima Community College’s second year participating in the program, which focuses on strengthening […]

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Pima welcomes international students

September 18, 2014

By NICK MEYERS Forty-nine Mexican students descended the escalators at Tucson International Airport on Aug. 30 to the cheers of Pima Community College students and faculty. A large sign read “Welcome International Students.” Many of the visitors remained speechless. For some, their shocked expressions were remnants of their first time on an airplane. For even […]

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