FROM THE EDDIE-TOR: Welcome to our new-look Aztec Press

September 29, 2016

By EDDIE CELAYA By now, I’m sure (I hope) you’ve recognized the new change. No, not the addition of Michael Strahan to the “Good Morning America” cast. Our new front-page masthead and layout. We think it looks great, and we think you’ll like it. We decided last semester to totally change the look of our […]

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From The Editor: Varied generations help enrich Pima

February 11, 2016

by JAMIE VERWYS Each era is forever marked by the people, places and things that come to define it. When we think about the ‘50s, we probably see something like ladies swing dancing in poodle skirts. If it’s the ‘80s, the hair and shoulder pads get bigger and the music has synth. Every period is […]

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From the editor:Believe in yourself, chase your dreams

October 29, 2015

by Jamie Verwys At some point in all of our young lives, the whole world changes. Gone are the days when our largest concerns are scrapped knees and lost toys. Now, we have to face late payments, health insurance, jobs, relationships and of course, school and our futures. It didn’t happen overnight. The process in […]

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