THE WORD: What happened to Ebola?

February 12, 2015

“It was a scam from the American government. I think that the G7  Summit got together and decided to spread fear.” Ruben Dario Cervantes  Major: Political Science “People forgot about it. People didn’t care until it came to America, then they stopped caring again.” Jovany Pallanes Major: Engineering “I think the biggest thing was people were panicking. It never really […]

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Ebola fears spread faster than virus

October 16, 2014

BY ANDREW PAXTON Every time you watch the evening news or scroll through social media, it seems someone is talking about Ebola. The deadly super-disease is sweeping across the globe, killing everyone who gets in its way and can’t be stopped. Well, that’s if you believe the constant hype and fear mongering being pushed by […]

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