Exotic animals not meant to be pets

May 4, 2017

BY ERIK MEDINA At least once in your life, you’ve probably thought about owning an exotic pet, perhaps a fox, a monkey, a snake or even a tiger. Don’t lie: Everyone wants a tiger. They’re ferocious yet magical creatures. Let’s hope you eventually got over it. Unfortunately, some individuals actually end up owning an exotic […]

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PACC faces challenges to stay no-kill

November 12, 2015

by ANDREW PAXTON Pima Community College student Francy Luna knows every time she volunteers at Pima Animal Control Center, she is making a difference. “They don’t turn down animals, and they do whatever they can to save a pet’s life,” says Luna, who has been volunteering with PACC for more than a year. “I fall […]

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DOGPATCH- Angels doing hell work

May 7, 2015

By DANYELLE KHMARA When you pull into Summit View Estates, the area dubbed “Dogpatch,” you pass a sign that reads “No dumping.” It’s riddled with bullet holes. Going down the dirt road, there’s scattered, run-down trailers, piles of worn-out tires, trash bags and miles of desert. Not far in, there’s a small clearing that contains […]

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