A dangerous escape

November 16, 2017

Rising opiate usage means helping the addicts through their trials, not throwing them in jail and letting them rot in a By KYLE MCDANIEL The opiate epidemic plaguing America right now is a true problem. I know from firsthand experience, as I was addicted for a few years. I don’t want to make this political, […]

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Opiate addiction spikes in U.S.

April 7, 2016

By TRAVIS BRAASCH Drug addiction, specifically opioid addiction, has skyrocketed in America since the early ’90s. Opiates have been prescribed for various ailments for hundreds of years. In the early 1990s, a number of women became addicted to opium derivatives given to combat the effects of menstruation. The recent surge of opiate addiction comes from […]

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Addiction tends to run in families

November 14, 2013

By KATIE STEWART   If people find pleasure in ingesting a substance or engaging in an event, they keep doing it. Addiction occurs when the action becomes compulsive and interferes with life responsibilities.   New research suggests people may inherit the disease of addiction. Through our genes, it travels from generation to generation.   Author […]

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