SandScript at 20-year milestone

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By Conrad Pursley

Pima Community College’s literary/art magazine, SandScript, is accepting submissions for its 2010 issue.

Literary submission deadline is Friday, Feb. 12, at 4 p.m. Visual art deadline is Monday, March 22, at 4 p.m.

SandScript won national awards for overall excellence in 2005 and 2007 from the Community College Humanities Association, beating 130 competitors. It’s a favorite to win the Southwestern division every year.

Students in WRT 162, Literary Magazine Workshop, make up the magazine’s staff.

Instructor Tom Speer, a 14-year SandScript veteran, said the only prerequisite is an interest in the arts and a willingness to evaluate submissions. A variety of students enroll.

“Sometimes we get drop-ins,” Speer said. “Some of them look at us and say, ‘You guys are making a magazine? Well, I’m getting my business degree, why not?’ We have a good team here.”

This year’s issue will be the 20th anniversary of SandScript, coinciding with the 40th anniversary of Pima Community College, and marks the last issue Speer will head. Instructor Joshua Cochran will take the reins in 2011.

Although the staff tries to make each issue of SandScript fresh, with changing designs, features and even magazine shape, ideas abound on how to make this year’s magazine special.

“We’re always trying to expand to mediums never done before,” Speer said.

Ideas for the 2010 issue include reprinting prominent winners from previous years, or requesting new work from them. Incorporating the work of glassblowers is also under discussion.

“I don’t know but trust me, it’ll be different,” Speer said.

Concepts are still tentative this early in the semester and there are still many entries left to judge, including some not yet submitted. 

If you want to submit a work to SandScript, pick up a submission sheet at West Campus J-110 or ask your writing teacher for a form.

Speer said the SandScript staff has one key guideline when evaluating submissions: “Do you want to keep reading it? Do you want to look at it?”

People who believe they have created good work but still fear ridicule can relax. “We get things that are way out there, but we give everything the respect it deserves,” Speer said.

May 19 is the tentative date to unveil the 2010 issue of SandScript. Issues will be distributed at the unveiling party, and about 50 issues will be sent to each campus.

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