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Car stolen, stripped

A student at the El Pueblo Education Center reported her 2001 Dodge Intrepid stolen from the center’s parking lot Jan. 24. The student told Pima Community College Department of Public Safety officers she left her car for an hour and 45 minutes, and returned to find it missing.

The car was discovered Jan. 25 in a wash off Nogales Highway. According to reports, it had been stripped and could no longer be driven.

-By Kyla Cox

Sword ‘suspicious’

Downtown Campus police responded to “suspicious activity” Feb. 2 after a student was seen with a sword.

A campus police officer interviewed the student, who said the sword was a project for welding class. The officer advised the student to “be more discreet about carrying his project back and forth.”

-By Patrick Griffin

Car damaged

A student discovered her Toyota Scion damaged by a hit and run driver at Desert Vista Campus Jan. 31, campus DPS reported.

The student parked in the north lot at noon and returned at 3:15 p.m. to find that someone hit the rear bumper of her car. Damage was estimated at $800.

-By Riqqiyah Ross

Student burned

The Tucson Fire Department was called to Downtown Campus Jan. 30 after a welding instructor reported a student caught his shirt on fire and burned his arm while welding.

When officers responded, the student was holding a bag of ice on the burn. They recommended that he go to the emergency room. He refused ambulance transport and said he would drive himself.

-By John Randall

MP3 player stolen

A student reported a music player stolen Jan. 30 at the Northwest Campus Library. He said he left his MP3 in a college computer for a moment and when he returned it was missing. The player was valued at $100.  

-By Steve Velasquez

Camera missing

An employee at Desert Vista Child Care Center reported her Kodak CX 6330 camera missing on Jan. 30. She said it had been missing since Jan. 28, but she waited to report the loss because a child might have picked it up by accident. After sending e-mails to parents and receiving no response, she filed a theft report. The camera was valued at $70 and the memory card at $30.

-By Jessica Sharman

Wallet, phone stolen

A student reported his wallet and cell phone were stolen on Jan. 28. He was at the West Campus admissions area when he left the items on a chair for a short period. When he returned, the items were gone.

-By Manny Manriquez

ID card stolen

A student reported her PCC identification card was stolen Jan. 24 after she briefly set it down while registering for classes at West Campus. The student was concerned because the card was three to four years old and still included her social security number.

-By Jacelle Ramon-Sauberan

Driver cited

An anonymous witness left a note to help identify a suspect in a hit-and-run collision at Downtown Campus on Feb. 5.

A student returned to her car in Lot 10 about 5 p.m. and found damage to the driver side rear panel of her 1995 Nissan Altima. A note left by a witness identified a suspect vehicle’s license plate.

When police located a suspect, he claimed he didn’t see any visible damage and so left. He was cited on a charge of hit and run without leaving proper notice.

Damage to the Altima was estimated at $1,800.

-By Peter Rice

Books stolen

A student helped campus police detain a suspected shoplifter Feb. 2

A police officer who responded to a report of shoplifting at the Downtown Campus bookstore saw a man traveling south on Stone Avenue carrying multiple textbooks. The man fled when the officer turned on his vehicle’s emergency lights, but a student passing by grabbed the suspect.

The suspect said he was shoplifting to support a heroin addiction, and selling the stolen property to University of Arizona students. He also claimed to have shoplifted from the bookstore on several previous occasions.

The suspect was cited for shoplifting and the stolen books were returned to the bookstore.

-By Patrick Griffin

$600 ring missing

A $600 diamond ring was reported stolen Feb. 11 at Downtown Campus. A woman told campus police she left an engagement ring on a sink in a women’s restroom at around noon. She returned after a few minutes to retrieve the ring, but it was gone.

By Jordan Megenhardt

Stereo stolen

A student at West Campus reported his car was broken into Feb. 5. He parked his car in Lot 6 at about 9 a.m. When he returned at 1:30 p.m., he found the window on the passenger side door broken out and his car stereo was missing. The Alpine stereo was valued at approximately $130. 

-By Jacelle Ramon-Sauberan

Hard drive stolen

An employee in a Community Campus copy center reported an external hard drive stolen Feb. 25. The employee said she last saw the Elements 320 GB hard drive on top of a desktop computer station. The drive was valued at $100.

-By Steve Velasquez

Bike seat stolen

A Downtown Campus student reported a bicycle seat and rear mount rack stolen Feb. 13. The student told police she chained her bicycle to a bike rack. When she returned about three hours later, the parts were missing.

-By Jessica Sharman

Solicitor banned

Campus police informed a man soliciting magazine sales on West Campus Feb. 5 that it is illegal to solicit on campus. He left without further confrontation.

-By T.J. Aguilera

Keys stolen

A student discovered her keys missing after she left her backpack in a cubicle outside the West Campus’s bookstore for about 15 minutes. When she returned to her bag, she saw that it had been opened. She noticed the keys missing when she attempted to open her car. The stolen keys were to her vehicle and house.

-By Kyla Cox

Car burglarized

A student on West Campus told police her car was broken into Feb. 4. Her passenger window was broken and her purse was stolen. The purse contained a checkbook, bank card, a key card for her apartment door and a pocket knife.

-By Manny Manriquez

Car burglarized

A Pima Community College employee reported his vehicle was broken into and multiple items stolen on Feb. 12. The employee had parked his white 1999 Toyota Tacoma in Lot 7 at West Campus at about 7:30 p.m. for work.

He returned to his vehicle three hours later to find the passenger window shattered. His Harley Davidson helmet and gloves were missing, as was the faceplate of his stereo deck. Estimated value of the stolen goods was $560.

-By Kwame Hart

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