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Over the years Pima Community College and the Davis Monthan Air Force Base have always maintained a close relationship.


Pima and DMA have been offering the opportunity for active duty members to part take in college courses while serving in the military.


For nearly 20 years both organizations have been working together to provide an education for those who choose to. This courses can help active military members find a good job after their contract is due.


Whatever degree Pima has to offer, active duty members can take on base and earn the same degree.


The DMA has a program known as General Education Mobile or known as GEM. GEM are core classes colleges agreed to accept and transfer around. This program is a huge benefit for any active duty members because if one decides to part take into an education and if they move to another state, their academic progress is accepted. This makes sure the student doesn’t have to backtrack on their educational journey.


Cyber security is one of the programs they have to offer and this is big in the military that could lead to jobs in or out of the military force. DMA also has a partnership with the University of Arizona south. Over time in this program one can fall into a bachelor’s degree from UA south.


The demand is high where post military life with a good job can be secured.


One can earn up to an associate’s in applied sciences and a certificate and this helps any active duty members increase their rank if they choose to continue their career in the military.


In the Fall of 2018 EMT courses will be offered at the DMA, half of it will be in the classroom and the other half will be at the firehouse. This was a partnership with the East Campus.


They also have a scholarship of $4,000 a year for any dependents active duty members that they can earn. This can be used for any degree at Pima.


The courses are about eight weeks and one can earn up to six credits a semester.


Civilians can also take classes at DMA and it is easy for them to get access on base.


“We want students to realize their full potential,” Said Sheila McBride.

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