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The Rialto (318 E congress street) sums up what we’ve all been feeling about this virus


As COVID-19 continues to spread, more information gets thrown at us. It is important we listen to medical professionals at this time.

One thing I have learned is that the situation will get worse before it gets better. Estimates of what the death toll we could see is 100,000- 240,000 just in the United States. That does not mean we can’t take preventative measures to help each other in our time of need.

According to The World Health Organization, as of April 2, worldwide cases are at 900,306. The number of confirmed deaths has reached 45,695, with 206 countries infected. Seniors and people who are immuno-compromised are most at risk.

The most important preventative step is washing your hands with soap and water for a good 20 seconds and practicing good hygiene habits.

The next is to self-quarantine. This may be difficult to do if you have a job as many are at risk of losing them. However, just don’t go out. Everything is closed anyway. If you feel sick, just stay home.

Social distancing can help immensely as well, keeping a six foot distance between each other.

“We hope and I believe it will happen that we may start seeing a turnaround, but we haven’t seen it yet. We’re just pushing on the mitigation. You don’t want to get overconfident,” said Dr. Anthony Fauci, Director of Allergy and Infectious Diseases. “You just want to keep pushing. The rate of new hospitalizations from COVID-19 in places such as New York are beginning to slow and are ‘possibly’ beginning ‘to flatten out.’”

It is a disease that may have no cure, but we can fight it. We can recover, and we can protect those that are the most vulnerable. This is our generation-defining moment as everyone must be united against COVID-19.

We are a resilient species and we will get through this virus. We have learned not to take everything we have for granted. We must all learn from this to be better not as a race but as a species. When this is over I encourage you to hug the people closest to you. Never forget our privileges and treat one another as if every day were your last.

Stephen King’s “The Stand” reminds us: “No one can tell what goes on in between the person you were and the person you become.”

One thought on “Pandemic Infodemic”

  1. During this semester at Pima Communtity College there has been a lot of changes. The first change that occured was when the Covid 19 epedemic hit a lot of people from a science test that was created and then became spread among many men women and children.
    The. news went off about it and every single the news was reporting a new report of how someone else was inffected or how someone else had died from this virus. Schools and businesses were closed and people were being kept at a distance of six feet fgrom each other. A lot of people in the beginning of this epidemic seemed like they were going overboard, but as the epidemic continued to spread world wide the tensions between neighbors and friends became more and more of a crisis. And no one tried getting too close to each other.
    This semester was the beginning for me, after being out of school for twenty years. It was really nice to get back into school at the start of this semester but, when the news started reporting that this pandemic was starting to kill people and it seemed like there was not going to be any hope for anyone, it seemed like the world all of a sudden stopped and everything just froze in time.
    People have really changed a lot since this epidemic has become such a high priority here in the U. S. Resturaunts have even closed their doors to customers coming to their places of business and the notices on their doors now say, “You can order online, or call to place an order than come and pick up your order. And that no one can enter into their places of work until further notice.
    I really think as a U. S. citizen, there needs to be some kind of border from other countries. Because every so often someone from another country comes in and starts to bring something that effects each and everyone of us.

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