No-Excuses MultiFitness Center Access is here at Pima

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By John Kordich, Fitness and Wellness instructor


Good news: The Athletics, Fitness and Wellness Division at Pima Community College has expanded its program and increased access through its “MultiFitness Center” concept. This means people can register for FAW 110 and also work out at the Desert Vista Fitness Center, East Campus Clements Center, Northwest YMCA and the Fitness and Conditioning Center on West Campus.


Having access at all campuses provides availability seven days a week to work out, achieve your fitness and performance goals and receive credit hours for the class.


Courses are drop-in and self-paced, but they provide free training sessions, access to a dietitian, SECA comprehensive body composition analysis, fitness evaluations and assisted stretching sessions.


So, if you have classes on two campuses and live on another side of town, Pima has provided many opportunities through the MultiFitness Center access.


Register for the 16-week class that ends on Dec. 16 by enrolling in FAW110 F1 for one credit hour or FAW110 F2 for two credit hours.


Students enrolled as full-time students and registered for 15 credit hours can take the FAW 110 class for just the lab fee.


For more information, visit the Fitness and Wellness department at or call 520-206-6077.

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