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By Isabel Cardenas

have been with the Aztec Press for four semesters now, and am proud to say we have finally launched our very own Web site this semester.

The AzP has been without an Internet edition for quite some time now. Last fall, we dipped our toes in social media, with Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. We’ve also had a Blogspot account for several semesters. However, we had yet to have a home of our own on the World Wide Web.

This is my last semester here at Pima. As co-editor in chief, I decided to get things going and start the last branch of our goals for the AzP: going digital.

It has been rough to gather the funds, find a qualified Web designer, search for a legitimate domain and rebrand our publication.

With the launching of the Web site, we can finally call ourselves a legitimate college paper.

Not that we weren’t before, but now we have a powerful online voice.

Pima Community College, the fifth largest community college system in the nation, has a newspaper to match the sheer number of students who attend.

I sincerely hope all of our readers take advantage of the new online features we now offer, the site’s accessibility and its multimedia capabilities.

We will conduct polls, and readers can comment. You can also view articles, photos, video, sound slides and many other fun features.

Please visit today, and usher in a new decade for PCC and the student paper. Welcome to 2010.

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