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Anyone remember the 2018 Super Bowl commercial from Turbo Tax? The under-the-bed monster? The stress and loss of sleep from thinking about taxes … I say become your own tax hero.

There are only two certainties in life: death and taxes. I am sure you have heard a version of this expression many times from older generations who have begrudgingly either paid too much for tax preparation or thought they paid too much in income taxes in general. Yet, how would one know the true answer to either? 

The Pima accounting department has taken big leaps in this area and will soon offer (Spring 2019), the courses needed to become a well-respected, licensed tax preparer. 

This program is called the Enrolled Agent. One of the best parts: Only 16 credits is the requirement. 

After that, you can become a licensed, tax preparer and accredited in the eyes of the IRS to prepare taxes for yourself and others. What you decide to charge buddies or coworkers for preparing their taxes is your business, literally.

Think about how long you will be paying as much as $250 (probably more) for tax preparation every year for the rest of your life. 

Now, imagine the money saved and peace of mind in knowing, confidently, that you can do that job for yourself or for others as additional revenue stream for your household. 

The beauty of this certificate is that it can be added on to anything. For example, say you want to start your own business in a field completely unrelated to accounting. That’s fine. This certificate can be added to any degree or certification that could be helpful to ensure the success and longevity of your business. 

So, in other words, even if you plan on owning a lollipop shop, you still will need to pay taxes from the sales of selling all of those sweet little suckers. 

This is an excellent opportunity offered to Pima students, especially since you can be working immediately using the skills of that specific program. 

I’m no accountant, but this sounds like great ROI. (That stands for “return on investment,” with the investment being the 16 credits and the return being employment, skills, knowledge and, of course, hero status.).

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