Letter to the Editor: Red and Blue

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Red and Blue

What do you think of when you hear the word “red” or “blue?” For many Americans, until the last Presidential election, these terms were nothing more than colors.  Enter CNN and FOX News and now they are battle lines, as clearly drawn as the North and South states borders in 1860.    We publish maps colored red and blue to prove divide people as if preparing for battle.  Our forefathers fought a civil war over a divided map.

The time has come to work for reunification in this country. Regardless of who we voted for, it is time to work together under the one banner called AMERICA.  American unity has always been one of the things making this country great, making us different from other countries in the world. The President does not face a vote of confidence if the congressional majority suddenly swings to one party from the other.  Regardless of which party you voted for, win or lose, we all face a losing choice if we do not begin working together for progress.

What is most disturbing about this past election year is the impartiality of the hatred.  It would not matter if it were President Bush or President Kerry in the Oval Office, the country would have the same battle lines drawn and the same personal slurs flung back and forth.  Regardless of who occupied the Oval Office the losing party would still declare over half the nation mentally incompetent because the other candidate won. It is time to begin working together and heal the deep divisions in the nation.  We must band together now and work within the system to resolve great issues facing the nation such as the war on terror and social security.

The controversy surrounding the 2000 Presidential election was probably the best thing that has happened to this country in politics in the last 100 years.  Outdated voting systems were overhauled and replaced, and a massive program to turn out the vote was undertaken.  The 2004 Presidential election saw more voter participation than any other election in our nation’s history, both in pure numbers and in percentages.  Quite a contrast from 1960when the President was elected by less than 25% of the nation.  What is important now is what happens next.  Four years of bickering and fighting will only produce bitter people entrenched hopelessly in a feud, unwilling to work with anyone about anything.

The voters in this country mobilized in the last election for the first time ever.  We must not let this time die.  Become involved.  Your political beliefs and views will languish and die a wasted death unless you find a meaningful way to become involved on a city, county, state or national level.  It is up to you and I to begin working together so the rest of the world doesn’t see “Blues” or “Reds,” they see Americans.  I will do my part, how about you?


Andy Corder

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