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We haven’t been here long yet, but the camaraderie between us all seems like it never left. The busy halls of Pima Community College’s campuses are already vibrant and active. With the first assignments, syllabi and introductions behind us, our semester stamina is developing and we move into our next chapter.

The story of our college is one of perseverance, of facing obstacles and refusing to give up on our dreams. We faced a lot of challenges last semester. We are still healing from the Higher Learning Commission probation, veterans were not receiving GI Bill aid, the state cut all funding to community colleges and a federal audit of our financial aid tracking altered attendance policies. Uncertainties have become part of our curriculum.  

Here at the Aztec Press, we have put in many long hours to provide the students and employees faculty with the best coverage of Pima news. You deserve to know what is happening here. You are paying for this experience with money and your time. And, it is your right to know. As journalists we are not satisfied unless we are producing the most well-rounded, accurate information possible, so you have tools to be successful and prepared in the college experience and beyond. 

I want to start this fall by saying thank you to all of you for being a part of the process towards moving forward. I am proud of us for supporting one another, for participating in student panels, for creating new clubs, for voicing our concerns, for adapting and still managing to do well in our classes. 

Let’s make this semester count, build on the positive changes and keep on getting better. 

We are a close-knit team here at the Aztec Press, and we need you, the students, to be a part of our team more than ever. This semester, our skilled instructor, Cynthia Lancaster, is on sabbatical to write a photojournalism textbook. We are incredibly proud of her and are prepared to continue the hard work that has gained us award nominations once again.

We welcome our temporary advisor, Shahrazad Encinias, who comes to us from the University of Arizona with a wealth of hands-on experience in the field, to our Aztec Press family.

Tell us your stories. Tell Pima what matters to you. 

Enjoy the first issue of the semester. It is the only the beginning of another busy year for us and it’s our chance to make Pima better and better. 

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