Guess what? Men may lie about sex

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By D.J. Ochoa

Whether males or females admit to it, sex is one subject that is always floating around in their minds. It is usually the No. 1 topic of discussion when guys exchange stories and when females have “girl talk.”

But, with all the ‘he said, she said’ stories going back and forth, is it all a lie or is it the truth?

Sixty percent of young males have lied about something related to sex, according to a recent study conducted by TRU, a Chicago-based youth market research company. 

Of the young men surveyed:

• 45 percent said they are virgins. 

• 30 percent have lied about how far they have gone. 

• 24 percent lied about the number of sexual partners. 

• 23 percent claimed not to be a virgin when they really were. 

• 57 percent of sexually active young men confessed they have unprotected sex.

• 78 percent agreed there is extreme pressure from society and their peers to have sex.

With numbers like these, it is hard to believe anything guys say about sex.

A couple interviewed during a lunch-time break at Pima Community College viewed the numbers as outrageous. Both Eddie Sanchez and Brianna Lopez said the percentages seemed very high but also believable.

“I’ve heard countless stories of my friends talking about sex,” Sanchez said. “Any right person can tell that all of it can be considered as a lie,” 

Sanchez said he believes most teenagers lie about having sex because there is lots of pressure placed on them.

“There is a lot of pressure placed on guys when it comes to sex, especially when it comes to their friends,” Sanchez said as he kissed his girlfriend on the cheek.

“It’s like if they are having it they are looked as the man, but when they are not having sex they are looked at as a chump.”

The survey also flushed out a double standard for males and females.

Of the males who responded, 53 percent said multiple hookups make them popular but 71 percent said it makes females less popular. It is as if women are marked with a scarlet letter when they have multiple partners, while men receive applause.

Lopez scowled after hearing the report.

“That is totally unfair. When it comes to sex, there is a double standard between men and women,” she said. “If a guy has had sex with a lot of girls, they’re considered a player and looked at as something great. When a girl does the same they are marked as a slut or a whore.”

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