FROM THE EDITOR: Another unwinnable war

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On Sept. 10, President Barack Obama told the nation he was taking us into another war. With America getting ready to end combat operations in Afghanistan, our Noble Peace Prize-winning commander-in-chief will soon be dropping bombs in Syria. And Iraq. Again.


Again with the military conflict that will undoubtedly result in more civilian suffering. Death and destruction. We talk about an air war as a “limited conflict.” I imagine it doesn’t feel limited to the women and children who sleep with the sounds of explosions in the background.


We are told this war is necessary, to defeat a ruthless enemy that has decapitated American journalists and a British aid worker. But few stop to ask where this enemy came from, who has funded and aided them and why they exist in the first place.


These questions aren’t being asked because no one wants to hear the answer. But the truth is, America and its allies are largely responsible for the enemy they are now desperately trying to stop.


A report commissioned by the State Department and subsequently published by Wikileaks shows the government knows the Islamic State (or ISIS, or ISIL, or whatever you want to call them) has been funded by private donors from Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait and other supposed allies.


Experts have also been saying for years that our military violence across the Middle East would only breed more extremists against us. From our drone war in Pakistan to the destabilization of Libya to the multiple Iraq wars, America has been creating enemies around the world.


Of course, the Islamic State must be stopped from murdering innocent people. However, dropping bombs and hoping a ragtag group of local forces can defeat more than 30,000 fighters is a pipedream. The Iraqi Army, funded by billions of U.S. dollars, already failed to stop them.


Instead, the international community should be cutting off the flow of weapons to the region, rather than pumping in more instruments of death. We should realize that you can’t kill every terrorist, and instead start working towards meaningful, diplomatic solutions.


The industrial-military complex has ensured that another war will be waged. The media should be ashamed of itself for once again failing to ask the right questions and hold those that created this problem responsible for their actions.

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