Diversity Club lends community a hand


Joe Blanchard volunteers at the Diversity Club’s Produce on Wheels fundraiser at Downtown Campus on Feb. 17.

A senseless whisper or a suspicious eye was cast as he went about his day.

“He felt a lot of stereotypes if he walked down the hall, the way people looked at him different or if he went into the bookstore … that people would think that he would steal …,” Sharon Arceneaux said. 

These and other actions would lead to Diversity Club being formed four years ago. One student felt that African-American males were being marginalized on campus. 

Originally he thought about forming a black student union, but it was pointed out to him that not all people are going to identify as black or African-American. Also, there are many other people out there who feel marginalized. 

“Need to be in a group like this in order to feel comfortable and get the courageous feeling to be themselves,” Student Senator Micah Paul Sherman said.

The concept soon evolved into the Diversity Club in order to be more inclusive. It has been meeting in the Student Life Conference Room at the Downtown Campus ever since. 

“A lot want to do community service, and everyone brings in their own view,” said member Kyle Hetherington. 

The club has been active in the Tucson community both within and outside of the college. Their club meetings have been focused on planning for upcoming events: a wellness fair, poetry slam and looking to head to Chicago for the National Student Leadership Diversity Convention.

One of their major fundraisers is working with Borderlands Produce Rescue to bring Produce on Wheels Without Waste to the Downtown Campus. 

Produce on Wheels Without Waste redistributes produce that would otherwise be sent to landfills.

“We found that it is absolutely viable for this community and this area because of the need, and a lot of people have food insecurities and so it greatly helps everyone around us,” Arceneaux said. 

The next Produce on Wheels Without Waste will be from 7 a.m.-10 a.m. April 21 at the Downtown Campus. Bring $10 (cash only) for up to 60 pounds of produce.   

Meetings are 2 p.m. every Wednesday in Student Life at the Downtown Campus.

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