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THE WORD: Who would you gay marry?

THE WORD: Who would you gay marry?



Pg03-Word-Savannah Thomas











“If I was gay, I would marry a celebrity. I would say Shakira. She has a nice body, she is toned and she is pretty attractive.”

Savannah Thomas

Major: Veterinarian assistant


Pg03-Word-Taylor Mantyre











“I would marry my best friend because we get along awesomely and that is one of the things I would prefer to have in a relationship with somebody, a personality I can get along with, and she is pretty.” 

Taylor McIntyre

Major: Respiratory therapy


Pg03-Word-Michael Rivera











“To marry somebody requires a lot of time and thinking and I just don’t want to marry somebody out of the wind. I could tell you who I would go after, James Franco, Channing Tatum, all the usuals, but there is also Larry David, whom I find very intriguing.”

Michael Rivera

Major: Abnormal psychiatry


Pg03-Word-Charlie Groff











“I don’t know if you are into YouTube or not but there is this guy, Markiplier. He does a lot of charity stuff and he is just a sweetheart. He is super adorable.” 

Charly Groff

Major: Undecided


Pg03-Word-Wilder Black











“Jack Black, porque él es chignon (because he is majestic.)” 

Wilder Black

Major: Undecided

The Word: If you could accomplish your biggest dream tomorrow, what would you do?

The Word: If you could accomplish your biggest dream tomorrow, what would you do?

Photos and interviews by Mariana Ceja on Downtown Campus

Pg03-Word-Sabrina Serrano

“I would take action on a book I’m trying to write, and get a job where it’s almost guaranteed I would make something of myself, in case my book fails miserably”

Sabrina Serrano

Major: Computer science

Pg03-Word-Francise Acing

“Learn English well, because right now I am not speaking good English, and also learn computers.”

Francise Acing

Major: English

Pg03-Word-Katelyn Landwelen


“I would be playing on the USA female softball team. Probably partying after.”

Katelyn Landwerlen 

Major: Early childhood education


Pg03-Word-Carlos Medina

“One of my biggest dreams is to get my four-year degree, my bachelor’s degree in accounting, so I would be celebrating and reminiscing with family.”

Carlos Medina

Major: Accounting

Pg03-Word-Daisy Torres

“My goal is to be a pediatrician, so I guess I would just get right to it — accomplish my dreams, actually start working.”

Daisy Torres

Major: Pre-med


The Word: What new movie do you want to see?

The Word: What new movie do you want to see?

Photos and interviews by Alex Fruechtenicht on East Campus

Pg03-Word-Samuel Perez


Samuel Perez
Major: Aeronautical

Pg03-Word-April Harlow

“As Above, So Below”

April Harlow
Major: Liberal arts

Pg03-Word-Rodolfo Canales

“The Hobbit: The Battle
of The Five Armies”

Rodolfo Canales
Major: Mechanical

Pg03-Word-Bridgette Montano

“The Book of Life”

Bridgette Montano
Major: Liberal arts

Pg03-Word-Ben Paric


Ben Paric
Major: Science
associate degree

THE WORD: Where’s your dream vacation?

THE WORD: Where’s your dream vacation?


Interviews and photos by Ebony Stoglin at Desert Vista Campus

 Pg03-Word-Alejandra Flores

“Brazil. I think the culture is really beautiful.”

Alejandra Flores

Major: Nursing

Pg03-Word-Michael Larson

“Probably Germany. I grew up there and I haven’t been there in a while.”

Michael Larsen

Major: Nursing

Pg03-Word-Marissa Amezcua

“I’d go to Hawaii. I have a cousin that lives over there and I haven’t seen him since we were kids. I also love the beach!”

Marissa Amezcua

Major: Dental Assistant

Pg03-Word-Andy Recinos

“Rome. It has a lot of cool sights and the architecture is amazing.”

Andy Recinos

Major: Biology

Pg03-Word-Daver Salazar

“Probably to the Himalayas. I’ve never been there and I like nature.”

Daver Salazar

Major: Aviation Management

THE WORD: Favorite Tucson activity?

THE WORD: Favorite Tucson activity?

Photos and interviews by Jennifer Graham on West Campus


Pg03-Word-Alex Romo

“Tucson Meet Yourself, and the biking trails are always nice.”

Alex Romo
Major: Pre-med



Pg03-Word-Antonia Morado


“I like to go down Fourth Avenue, just like to walk
up and down.”

Antonia Morado
Major: Education



Pg03-Word-Derrick Helton


“Play sports, wheelchair rugby. It’s stress relief and fun to hang out with the crew.”

Derrick Helton
Major: Agriculture and Biosystems Engineering



Pg03-Word-Richard Larkin


“Save up to leave Tucson, probably California or Colorado. Somewhere with a good
art school.”

Richard Larkin
Major: Game Design



Pg03-Word-Chantel Romero


“Go to Starbucks to chat with friends and drink coffee.”

Chantel Romero
Major: Nursing

THE WORD: What would you pick for a last meal?

THE WORD: What would you pick for a last meal?

Azalea Morha


“Menudo. It has a lot of fatand stuff but it wouldn’t matter anymore.”

Azalea Morhaim



Scott Rebeck


“I’m just a steak and potatoes guy. It’s my all-time favorite meal.”

Scott Rebeck


Andria Pellesh


“Linguini and clams with a glass of pinot grigio wine.”

Andria Pelleshia


Patrick Brock


“Just a cheeseburger for me. I could probably eat one for every meal.”

Patrick Brock


Sam Mulla


“Gumbo! Mardi Gras is my favorite holiday and it just kind of reminds me of that.”

Sam Mulla

THE WORD: What was your best April Fools prank?

THE WORD: What was your best April Fools prank?

Pg03-Word-Gabriel Gudenkauf


“My friends and I in high school got to school really early and painted a fake crime scene.

We splattered a bunch of fake blood around a body outline and freaked everyone out.”

Gabriel Gudenkauf
Major: Science


Pg03-Word-Gertrude Donovan


“My boyfriend and I told his parents I was pregnant.We printed a fake sonogram and everything.

When we told them it was a joke, they started crying.”

Gertrude Donovan
Major: Public health


Pg03-Word-Rodney Haywood


“My little brother put syrup on the toilet seat. I woke up at seven in the morning to use the bathroom and didn’t even notice it.

I then wondered why my ass was stuck to the seat.”

Rodney Haywood
Major: Visual Performing Arts


Pg03-Word-Karson Krieg


“My best friend in high school told me she was transferring schools to join an elite choir program.

I found it strange since the school was in Marana and we went to Sahuaro High School.”

Karson Krieg
Major: Music education


Pg03-Word-George Smith


“This girl told me she was pregnant after I only smashed her once.

She even showed me some other girl’s pregnancy test that was positive.”

George Smith
Major: Chemistry

Photos and interviews by Robert Hernandez on West Campus





The Word: What are your plans for spring break?

The Word: What are your plans for spring break?

Christopher Corrington

“I’m going to Disneyland with friends.”

Christopher Corrington

Major: Business

Christina Andrews

“I will be studying for my veterinary tech exam.”

Christina Andrews

Major: Veterinary Technician

Eric Mcneely

“I will probably spend some time with my girlfriend.”

Eric McNeely

Major: Anthropology

Tyrene Daoey

“I’m going to SeaWorld, the San Diego Zoo and Balboa Park.”

Tyrene Daoey

Major: Nursing

Steve Smith

“Calculus and chemistry homework, then I might see the movie ‘Divergent.’”

Steve Smith

Major: Aerospace Engineering

Interviews and photos by Will Willcoxson at Northwest Campus

The Word: What kind of candy would you be?

The Word: What kind of candy would you be?


The word Sarah Bravard

“I’d be a Reece’s Peanut Butter Cup because they’re addicting, like me.”

Sarah Bravard

Major: Undeclared

The Word Hunter young


“I would be M&Ms because they have variety.”

Hunter Young

Major: Undeclared

The Word Jennie Gonnsen


“I would be a toffee bar because I’m sweet.”

Jennie Gonnsen

Major: Undeclared

The Word Ben Diaz


“A Butterfinger because they’re tasty and I’m always dropping things.”

Ben Diaz

Major: Science

Angie Jackson The Word


“I would be a Snickers because I’m sometimes sweet, sometimes nutty.”

Angie Jackson

Major: Undeclared

THE WORD: What was your worst Valentine’s date?

THE WORD: What was your worst Valentine’s date?

Photos and interviews by Ebony Stoglin on Desert Vista Campus

 Leah Olsen

“He ended up taking me to a mutual friend’s house. He was playing video games and I got to watch him on the couch.”

Leah Olsen

Major: Nursing

Antonio Luna

“We were walking around and talking, and all of a sudden it started raining.”

Antonio Luna

Major: Culinary Arts

Richard Lopez

“We went out to eat Sonoran hot dogs and I was already full. I threw up and that was the last time I went on a date with her.”

Richard Lopez

Major: Liberal Arts

Zimar Dupree

“My friend is a horrible wing man. He told me he was bringing a girl for me to go on a date with and she wasn’t my type at all.”

Zimar Dupree

Major: Undecided

Shelly Bowen

“Me and my boyfriend got into a huge fight. I didn’t know he had already planned a trip to Vegas for us. I felt so stupid after he told me.”

Shelly Bowen

Major: Dental Hygiene

THE WORD: What happened over winter break?

THE WORD: What happened over winter break?

Photos and interviews by Jamie Verwys at Downtown and West campuses

Pg03-Word-Loralei Gordan

I got to meet some of my favorite Suicide Girls.”
Loralei Gordon
Major: Undecided

Pg03-Word-Gabe Aragon

Job searching.”
Gabe Aragon
Major: Dance

Pg03-Word-Derrick Espadas

I was able to turn a parking ticket into a charge against the city for conspiracy for extortion.”
Derrick Espadas
Major: Accounting

Pg03-Word-Tiffani Bowers

I learned how to skateboard.”
Tiffani Bowers
Major: Digital Arts

Pg03-Word-Jordan Romero

I started work on my EP.”
Jordan Romero
Major: Liberal Arts

THE WORD: What super power would you choose?

THE WORD: What super power would you choose?

Photos and interviews by Sebastian Barajas at Downtown Campus

Pg03-Word-Adam Alfrey

“Instant memory recall, because school would be easier.”

Adam Alfrey

Major: Psychology

Pg03-Word-Tanya Streich

“Invisibility so I can hear people and be where I shouldn’t.”

Tanya Streich

Major: Undecided

Pg03-Word-Dylan Tobia

“Teleportation, because it eliminates the need to travel.”

Dylan Tobia

Major: Programming

Pg03-Word-Quace Enriquez

“Super speed, so I would never get to class late.”

Quace Enriquez

Major: Automotive

Pg03-Word-Amber Hodges

“Super sight, because I use glasses.”

Amber Hodges

Major: Special education


THE WORD: What is your favorite Thanksgiving food?

THE WORD: What is your favorite Thanksgiving food?

Interviews and photos by Brenda Pacheco at East Campus

 Pg03-Word-Hannah Andrews

“Pie like pumpkin or pecan.”

Hannah Andrews

 Pg03-Word-Cody Chrispen

“Probably ham.”

Cody Chrispen

Pg03-Word-Rachel Hayes

“I really love the gravy that my mom makes. I could eat it for days.”

Rachel Hayes

 Pg03-Word-Matt Shaw


Matt Shaw

Pg03-Word-Alyssa Ancheta

“Plain mashed potatoes.”

Alyssa Ancheta

THE WORD: Should marijuana be legalized?

THE WORD: Should marijuana be legalized?

Photos and interviews by Michael Anderson at East Campus

Pg03-Word_ Jake Bashore

“I am very against it, because it’s a gateway drug.”

Jake Bashore

Major: Undecided

Pg03-Word_Eric Piper

“I’m all for it.”

Eric Piper

Major: Accounting

Pg03-Word_Stephanie Riether

“I’m against it because it’s easy to get addicted to and it can have negative side effects.”

Stephanie Riether

Major: Health care

Pg03-Word_Ruby Macias

“I personally agree with legalization of marijuana for medical purposes only.”

Ruby Macias

Major: Neuroscience

Pg03-Word_Sarah DeShields-Bass

“I don’t think it should be. It’ll just cause bigger problems.”

Sarah DeShields-Bass

Major: Criminal justice

THE WORD: What are your plans for Halloween?

THE WORD: What are your plans for Halloween?

Interviews and photos by Shaq Davis on Desert Vista Campus

 Pg03-Word-Ricardo Gutierrez


“Working on campus.”


Ricardo Gutierrez


Major: Criminal justice


 Pg03-Word-Azhia White


“Hit up haunted houses.”


Azhia White


Major: Zoology


 Pg03-Word-Ebony Stoglin


“Go to a house party as Catwoman.”


Ebony Stoglin


Major: Broadcast journalism


Pg03-Word-Rene Teyechea 


“Take my little bro trick-or-treating.”


Rene Teyechea


Major: Political science


 Pg03-Word-Lupita Ramos


“Take my daughter trick-or-treating.”


Lupita Ramos 


Major: General education