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SportKore website promises fitness fun

SportKore website promises fitness fun


The necessity of regular fitness is undisputed. A weekly total of 150 minutes of moderate physical activity reduces the risk of health problems, according to physical activity guidelines set by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

In a world crowded with midterms and work hours, how does the average student find those weekly minutes? What if we look at fitness as a game instead of a taxing life requirement?

These are the very questions Pima Community College alumnus Isaac Tavares asked.

Tavares, a graduate of the Eller College of Management at the University of Arizona, created a social game to help athletes become better in sport and fitness endeavors.

SportKore is a social networking website designed to motivate people to become fitter, faster and healthier. Once the site’s beta testing launches on May 29, users will be able to create a profile, connect with others and have fun completing exercise challenges for points.

“The vision is to unite the world through sports and fitness while having plenty of fun,” Tavares said. “Why not turn it into a game? Working out doesn’t just have to be about work.”

Tavares’ journey began in 2008, when he left the U.S. Army after serving as an infantryman in two tours in Iraq.

He dedicated himself to his education and began to knock out basic classes at Pima. After graduating in two years, he transferred to UA.

Mike Lopez, student life coordinator of Downtown Campus, remembers Tavares’ time at Pima.

“Isaac was a student that showed the desire to use Pima to connect and continue his education but also understood the importance of connecting with people while pursuing his education,” Lopez said.

“I am so proud and happy that Isaac is continuing to grow and develop as a student and total person,” Lopez added.

Tavares began to conceptualize SportKore in January 2013, when he realized his own fitness had gone to the backburner after leaving the military.

“There’s a word called ‘gamification’ out there right now,” he said. “It’s including game mechanics into your daily life to try and make your activities more fun. I try to apply that same type of idea to fitness.”

As CEO and sole founder of the site, Tavares has dedicated considerable time to SportKore but lots of work remains to be done.

He is currently recruiting interns to join him as marketing agents. Interns will assist with social media, promoting SportKore and conducting marketing research.

“If they are into business, it’s helpful to get that experience and shadow someone going through the process,” Tavares said.

The internship will conclude May 29, but summer internships are a possibility.

Tavares will launch a crowdfunding campaign March 12-April 30 on, where supporters can donate to the cause. “Perk packages” are available for donations ranging from $5 to $500. A $25 donation gives the donor lifetime access to the SportKore site.

As someone who has been through the Pima experience, Tavares offers advice to college students.

“Start building your own brand,” he said. “Don’t be afraid to throw yourself out there because you never know where that might lead.”

For more information, visit and sign up for its email newsletter. Those interested in interning may send their resume to

Pima Community College graduate Issac Taveres promotes his website, SportKore. (Aztec Press photo by Jamie Verwys.)

Pima Community College graduate Issac Taveres promotes his website, SportKore. (Aztec Press photo by Jamie Verwys.)

Generation Cool draws fans of all ages

Generation Cool draws fans of all ages


Generation Cool is the latest retro-style boutique making a hubbub on Fourth Avenue by drawing inspiration from ‘80s and ‘90s pop culture.

Robert “Slobby Robby” Hall came up with the concept for Generation Cool by drawing from his personal interests before returning to the workforce after raising a child.

Hall received an associate degree in illustration from Pima Community College and a bachelor’s degree in art education and printmaking from the University of Arizona.

“I graduated from the U of A and then I had about three to four years where I wasn’t working,” he said. “Getting back and thinking of how I was going to make money, nothing seemed more natural than working for myself.”

Generation Cool houses both a vintage clothing and toy store, and an arcade and snack bar.

While an arcade in a clothing store might sound odd, Hall understood the fluctuations of retail locations.

“The arcade came with the more business side of the idea,” he said. “I thought in my head, ‘what’s a steady money-maker?’”

The real party happens on Saturday nights from 7-10 p.m., when Generation Cool hosts an Arcade Disco with arcade games, disc jockeys and free pizza.

“It’s a weekly party night with games and contests, all revolving around our arcade,” Hall said.

Hall hopes his store will bridge generation gaps.

Rick Cano regularly visits in hopes of finding rare Ninja Turtle toys, not for collecting but for playing with his son.

“I have a 4-year-old who’s collecting all the new Ninja Turtle toys, so now he’s digging up my old ones from when I was a kid,” Cano said. “I’m trying to piece together all the ones I was missing. My son and I get to play together.”

But Generation Cool is not for just children and parents.

Hall plans to host in-store concerts by local and underground rappers. In the meantime, disc jockey J.R. “Sid the Kid” Harrison works the turntables every day from 4 p.m. until closing.

The downtown community has supported the store since it opened a few months ago.

“The response has been overwhelmingly positive,” Hall said. “Everyone gets it and I don’t have to explain myself a lot.”

Overall, Hall wants to create a space where Tucson’s young and old can hang out.

“I just want this to be a comfortable place where you can bring your kids, your parents or your friends and have a great time,” he said.


Generation Cool

Address: 404 N. Fourth Ave.

Phone: 623-3407


Monday-Thursday: noon-8 p.m.

Friday-Saturday: noon-midnight

Sunday: noon-6 p.m.

Pg08-Generation Cool

D&D Pinball preserves classic games

D&D Pinball preserves classic games



It’s hard to imagine now, but there was a time when silicon chips and electronics didn’t dominate our lives. Back then, pinball was a popular form of entertainment.


Pinball machines were easier to find then than video games are today. They were fixtures in bars, arcades, pizza parlors, bowling alleys and movie theaters.


The 1980s brought about the computer revolution, and video games pushed pinball into the background.


While pinball’s popularity waned, however, it never disappeared. Thanks to places like D&D Pinball, it is making a comeback.


D&D, located at 331 E. Seventh St., is the home-away-from-home for its founders, Tucson native Gary Dillahunty and his wife, University of Arizona graduate Jane Decker.


The arcade is “dedicated to the art, sport and preservation of pinball,” according to its mission statement.


The couple never intended to open a pinball “museum.” Decker didn’t even play as a child.


A trip to Sin City changed everything.


“We went to the Pinball Hall of Fame in Las Vegas, had a great time there, and came back and bought a few games for ourselves,” Decker said. “People would come over and play them and we saw how much they liked them.”


That inspired the couple to open their own pinball place in Tucson, “ to get pinball out there so people can enjoy it,” Decker said.


They opened D&D in September 2013.The initial reception was positive and has been gaining popularity ever since.


“People are hugging us and saying ‘thank you for doing this,’” Decker said. “They’re excited to bring their kids down, excited to bring their friends.”


Tucsonan Eric Lyons, who volunteers at D&D, was one of the first people in the door.


“When I got wind of it, I was stalking them online, asking them ‘when are you opening? When are you opening?’” he said.


Lyons was soon volunteering to help out and has since become an indispensable part of the team.


Because Decker and Dillahunty work full time at Raytheon, they depend upon volunteers like Lyons to help keep the machines in working order, the facility clean and the doors open.


Currently, they’re only open on weekends, but that could change.


“Eventually, if the demand is there, we’ll probably expand our hours a bit,” Decker said.


D&D has more than 30 machines available for play. The oldest ones are from the early 1970s, the newest are just a few years old and there are examples of basically every generation of machines in between.


Admission is free. Most games cost either 25 or 50 cents to play, although a few of the newer ones cost 75 cents.


D&D seems to appeal to a wide variety of people, cutting across racial, gender, age and social boundaries.


“One guy was 93 and some of the kids are 3, so it’s all ages,” Decker said.


There are chairs available for those who want to relax. Step stools are available for children, who seem to really enjoy the clacking bumpers, flashing lights and ringing bells.


Josh Marsden of Tucson, who also volunteers at D&D, brings his son for quality father-son time.


“It’s a great venue for young and old to come in and play machines that are basically unachievable for most people,” Marsden said. “Unless you’ve got a rich uncle who has a really cool game room, you’re not going to get to see these machines, let alone play them.”


While D&D focuses on preserving and promoting pinball for players of all skill levels, the owners host tournaments for more competitive players.


They also re-invest their profits, both into their operation and into local charities. More information is available on their website.


Whether you are already a pinball fan or have never dropped a quarter in one, stop by and check out D&D. It is one of the few places where you can experience the machines that entertained us before everyone had a videogame system in their pockets.




D&D Pinball

Address: 331 E. Seventh St.

Phone: 777-4969



Friday: 3 p.m.-9 p.m.

Saturday: noon-9 p.m.

Sunday: noon-5 p.m.

Pg08-Pinball main

Mel Jorgenson of Tucson drops a quarter for a round of “Medieval Madness” at D&D Pinball, a classic-style arcade located at 331 E. Seventh St. (Michael Anderson/ Aztec Press)

STOMPING GROUNDS: A new tattoo era inks onto Tucson’s skin

STOMPING GROUNDS: A new tattoo era inks onto Tucson’s skin


After 11 years in the tattoo industry and seven years operating his own shop, Isaiah Toothtaker has created one of Tucson’s finest body art parlors in Staring Without Caring.

In an era in which tattooing styles are diverse and widespread, Toothtaker sensed a lack of traditional fundamentals during his time as an apprentice.

“I think what inspired me to open my own shop was to fill a gap and a void that wasn’t really here in Tucson,” Toothtaker said.

“There wasn’t so much of a parlor that did a lot of custom work in a sense where it still had a lot of elements to traditional tattooing, still gave a lot of nods to what was traditionally done but also being an upscale shop, something that was different than a lot of street shops.”

With a reputation for possessing vibrant quality, along with clean consistency and an individual uniqueness labored into every design, Toothtaker’s employees understand the significance of technicality and cohesiveness.

“It’s not that we’re marketing or advertising something, it’s mostly off our reputation and for people who have a vocabulary for tattooing,” he said. “They can come in to us and not be overpriced. They get it on a fair basis and you know it’s something more or less customized.”

As styles of body art evolve, Toothtaker feels confident his brand is recognized not only statewide but across the nation.

“I would hope that we have a certain esteem amongst people who do know what tattooing is and like what quality tattooing is,” he said.

That esteem is one of the attributes artists at Staring Without Caring seek to provide to their patrons during their experience under the needle.

Toothtaker said harnessing the talents of his apprentices helps to drive and inspire him.

“The challenge to constantly progress and the stimulation that I’m having right now, the artistic output I’m having right now and body of work I’m producing right now, is my favorite moment,” he said.

Shannon Garvey has been under Toothtaker’s tutelage for six months.

“This apprenticeship is different probably than usual,” she said. “We’re moving faster because of circumstances of the shop, we’re learning faster and we’re tattooing more stuff in a short period of time.”

Although the stress of an apprenticeship can be taxing, a mutual benefit awaits at the end for both individuals.

“I just feel like I’m lucky to have learned a lot,” Garvey said. “He’s really good at specifying the way he teaches things to each apprentice.”

Toothtaker wants his team of employees to maintain a humble mindset.

“My perspective is very myopic,” he said. “I’m only concentrated on the progression of tattooists that are employed by me and myself.”

He compared the tattoo experience to solving a riddle or puzzle.

“I think that some of the biggest satisfaction I can take from it is being able to bring an idea or a concept that’s from somebody’s mind into fruition,” he said.

Walk-ins are welcome. The shop charges a $150 hourly rate for large sessions.

Pg09=-Tattoo shop

Isiah Toothtaker works the counter at his Staring Without Caring tattoo parlor, as apprentice Shannon Garvey works in the background. (Diego Lozano III/Aztec Press)



Leap into Feb 29

Leap into Feb 29


If Mayan prophecies about the world ending in 2012 are correct, then we should celebrate this Feb. 29 with enthusiasm.

A leap year occurs every four years to compensate for a small miscalculation in the calendar. If it is a century year, no leap year will occur unless the year is divisible by 400.

One year represents a full rotation of the Earth around the sun. One full rotation is 365.24 days, not an even 365. If leap years did not happen, the calendar would be off by 24 days every 100 years.

A friendly dog awaits visitors to Cata Vinos, which will host a Sadie Hawkins Day wine tasting celebration in honor of leap year. Photo By Maggie Costello-Kessler

One of the most popular leap year traditions began in fifth-century Ireland when St. Bridget complained to St. Patrick that women must wait for men to propose. St. Patrick agreed to designate Feb. 29 as the day on which a woman could propose to the man she loved.

A similar American tradition, Sadie Hawkins Day, was introduced in 1937 in the cartoon strip “Li’l Abner.” In the storyline, Sadie and other women in Dogpatch were allowed to pursue and catch the town’s most eligible bachelors.

Local wine tasting shop CataVinos will celebrate leap year day with a Sadie Hawkins Day celebration at its 3063 N. Alvernon Way location.

Any woman who proposes to her boyfriend between 4 and 8 p.m. on Feb. 29 will enjoy six free tastings from a special line of wines produced in leap years. For anyone not intending to propose, the wine tasting will cost $10. The price for non-proposers drops to $8 with a take-home purchase of $10 or more.

For further details, visit or call 323-3063.

So have fun this leap year’s day! It could be the last Feb. 29 on Earth.

An elusive search for downed jet on Butterfly Trail

An elusive search for downed jet on Butterfly Trail


It’s 3:45 p.m. and dark on the backside of the Catalina Mountains. My legs are screaming for a break, but I know there are still a few more miles of hiking left. I stop to take a drink from my Powerade.

I had decided to spend my Easter searching, not for eggs but for the remains of a downed fighter jet from the ‘70s in the Catalina Mountains. It is said the wreckage resides somewhere on the Butterfly Trail.

As I drove down Tanque Verde Road, I consumed my breakfast: a banana. I knew that would come back to haunt me at some point.

After driving up Catalina Highway and paying the $5 fee to enter federal lands, I arrived at the start of my longest hike ever.

When I stepped from my car at 12:45 p.m., I realized my second mistake: I didn’t pack a light sweatshirt. I had completely forgotten to take into account that higher elevations mean colder temperatures.

However, I wasn’t about to let a little wind chill deter me from finding this crashed jet.

I began my hike at Bigelow Trail to get to the Butterfly Trail. Immediately, I was captivated by trees that seem to stretch up toward the sky. There are a few fallen trees, and others have scars from a past fire.

The trail was very well maintained and pretty easy to follow, though I ended up going the wrong way about 5 minutes in. Before long, I found my way back.

After hiking uphill for a bit, I reached the beginning of Butterfly Trail and a breathtaking view of the valley below. Houses dot the vast expanse of valley floor.

I pressed on down Butterfly Trail, which led me through a series of switchbacks with uphill and downhill segments. The farther down the mountain I went, the greener the scenery became.


Fire scars and new growth are seen from a vantage point in the Catalina mountains on the Butterfly Trail. Photo by Stephen Real.

It soon became obvious why the trail got its name. Butterflies would flit away as I got close and settle somewhere else. Many lizards also darted across the path.

After hiking for about an hour, I stopped to check my map and realized I was close to the fighter jet crash site.

The trail took me to a small creek where everything was bright green. I hopped across a few rocks and continued down a path lined with flowers on both sides. All the while, I scanned the scenery, searching for that fighter jet

When I reached another portion of the creek, something caught my eye. It was a big chunk of metal leaning against a tree. The rust and spider webs told me it has been there for a while. I had found a piece of the fighter jet.

I continued down the trail, anxious to find more of the wreckage. A half hour later, the trail started to climb, taking me back up the mountain.

Disappointed, I concluded that I would not find the main part of the wreckage.

On the hike back to my car, I realized the climb was going to be exhausting. Most of my two-hour hike had been downhill, making the majority of the return trip uphill.

During my brief 3:45 p.m. break, I noted how beautiful everything looks in the late afternoon glow of the sun. I began hiking again and soon found myself back at my car.

Even though I didn’t get to see the crashed fighter, I still enjoyed an amazing view from the Catalina Mountains. It isn’t enough to simply read about a hike or look at a picture of a spectacular view. Things like that can only be experienced firsthand.


Where: Trailhead begins two miles after San Pedro Vista on Catalina Highway.

Fee: $5 to enter federal lands.


FACEOFF: Surviving the break-up

FACEOFF: Surviving the break-up


Things have been shaky and you’re tired of having to walk on eggshells around your girlfriend.

Unfortunately, not all relationships have a fairytale ending. It’s OK to be a little selfish sometimes. Start thinking about your sanity and happiness.

It might be time for you and your girlfriend to go separate ways.

There is only one rule when it comes to terminating your love connection: Be civil.

At the end of the day, you two don’t even have to like each other but you both need to be treated with respect.

You’re adults. There is no need for name-calling, vandalism or death wishes.

Sit down and reevaluate your lives. Try figuring out what went wrong in your relationship and ask yourselves if salvaging is worth the effort.

Don’t dwell on the things that made the relationship turn sour. Instead, cherish the good times and learn from each other’s mistakes.

If you two decide it’s time to split, don’t make any empty promises to each other.

Contrary to popular belief, you two do not have to remain friends. Telling her you can still be friends when you have no intention of doing so might make things messy.

Once you stop returning calls, answering texts and liking Facebook statuses, she might get even clingier. This is the stage where the crazy, obsessive ex starts to develop.

Remember, some females are really sensitive. If you truly do want to keep being friends, then do so. But be just her friend.

Using her as a late-night, last-resort booty call might give her the illusion you two will someday get back together.

Breaking up is definitely not a fun task. It’s easier when done with civility, and fewer feelings get hurt.






It’s sad to witness a relationship fall through the cracks, but when it happens to you the pain is unbearable.

When a relationship comes to its end, it is as if you have been hit with a ton of bricks. The only medicine that will help you cope with such an ordeal is time.

It sounds cliché, but time will allow you to reflect on yourself and the downfall of your relationship.

Once you have given yourself time to burn all of his pictures and cry your eyes out, don’t start talking down on your now-ex love.

It’s hard to do, but if you continue to talk down on him it will only make you look bitter.

Keep your love problems private. Don’t pour it out on Facebook for the whole world to know.

Trust me, no one cares to hear about how you hate men now and that you’re going to “live it up.”

Now that you are newly single, your girlfriends will try to uplift your spirits by hitting the town.

If you are going to go out with your friends, don’t bring up your ex in conversation. Your friends love you, but they don’t want to hear all your relationship problems when they are trying to “Cupid Shuffle.”

It’s no surprise that you might bump into your ex while you’re out, so try to avoid parking lot arguments by keeping your distance.

Also, don’t be vindictive. Don’t try making him jealous by being all over some random guy.

It will only show him that you’re not over him and you’ll be the one feeling lower than anyone else.

That chapter in your life might be over, but your novel is yet to be read.


Top 10 things I’ve learned from relationships

Top 10 things I’ve learned from relationships

(From a male perspective)


  1. You really don’t need all that extra cash anyway.
  2. The bed just is not as comfortable unless you only have 15 percent of it to yourself.
  3. You really learn to appreciate the covers when you only have them for half the night.
  4. You get so much more done with all of that motivational support (aka nagging).
  5. You really do need constant help driving. Never mind her lousy driving record.
  6. Apparently every time somebody washes a load of unsorted clothes, God kills a kitten.
  7. The last of your (insert item here) is fair game if she gets to it first. The last of her (insert item here) is punishable by death if found missing.
  8. “Logic” can in fact be an illogical thing.
  9. Fun is to be experienced only in her presence and/or with her express permission (which is revocable at any time).
  10. Men should know that our mental capacity is not equal to our female counterparts, and thus the rules only apply to us!

(From a female perspective)


  1. It’s not taking someone out to dinner if you ask them to pick up the check. Thanks for ordering seconds, by the way.
  2. To add insult to injury, after they force you up against the wall in their sleep, they’ll snore directly in your ear.
  3. While wrestling your half of the blanket away, don’t leave your pillow unguarded. It’s perfectly acceptable to throw an elbow in defense.
  4. At least his laziness makes you look like the most productive person ever.
  5. Men will assume they’re better drivers, despite their tickets for aggressive driving and parking in a fire lane.
  6. I don’t give a damn about washing unsorted laundry, so I don’t know what to say about that one.
  7. When I buy a pint of Ben and Jerry’s, I want it to be there when I get home from work. Not “mysteriously” missing every single time.
  8. Girl logic is, as a rule, more correct than standard logic. Obviously.
  9. If “fun” includes playing video games for six hours straight and showing your friends how you can snort granola, it should be revocable at any time.
  10. Ignorance of the rules is no excuse. Really, we’re just trying to keep you from hurting yourself.


FACE-OFF: Rumble in the jungle

FACE-OFF: Rumble in the jungle


Trouble has reached paradise. Each day brings a new battle.

The simplest things now trigger fighting between you and your girlfriend. Simply breathing the wrong way makes her angry.

There are a couple of things that might initiate her extreme mood swings. Unfortunately for you, she can indeed blame hormones.

We all know the dreadful PMS symptoms. Movies don’t exaggerate. Some women really go through extreme emotions during their menstrual cycle.

If this is the case, give her some space. Spend quality time with your bros.

Sometimes, though, a relationship rut causes the fighting. Nothing seems to be going right and it frustrates the living hell out of both of you.

No one wants to be wrong during a fight. You’ll often say things you don’t mean. Feelings get hurt and a relationship may fail.

Get some space. Time apart, not to be confused with a “break,” will do any relationship some good. It gives you time to cool off and rationally work out your problems.

Talking to friends about relationship problems is generally not the best idea. Your friends want the best for you. Seeing you so down on life gives them reasons to bash your girlfriend.

More often than not, fighting doesn’t mean the relationship will end. Don’t make things awkward for your girlfriend when she comes around your friends once things settle down.

Although it’s tough, keep a level head during fights. Gathering your thoughts before confronting her will definitely help prevent WWIII.




It seems your smooth-sailing relationship has hit testy waters. Regardless of how picture-perfect your relationship can seem, photogenic flaws slowly began to unravel.

Fighting with your boyfriend can be frustrating, but it’s completely natural. As your relationship progresses, some of his attributes might rub you the wrong way.

It can be as miniscule as the way he responded. Perhaps he shot you an unsettling glance. Whatever the case, space provides the easiest solution.

Allow yourself time alone to reset your batteries. That way, you two won’t want to gouge each other’s eyes out.

Make sure you don’t bluntly express that the sight of him makes your skin crawl. It will only stir the pot of warfare.

Instead, let him know that you need to unwind after a hard day. Believe me, he needs it too.

Sometimes space is not enough, as the bell rings and Michael Buffer screams, “Let’s gets ready to rumble.”

If you are caught in a brewing fight, make sure respect does not fly out of the window. It’s hard, but hold back to prevent digging the hole deeper.

No matter what you two fight about, it makes no sense to intentionally hurt one another with words. Sticks and stone do break bones, but words shatter unity.

Ninety-nine percent of the time, the nature of the fight will be meaningless. Once the fight is over, make sure it stays that way. Dwelling on the fight only harms the relationship.

RELATIONSHIP ADVICE: Long-distance survival

RELATIONSHIP ADVICE: Long-distance survival


Long-distance relationships are not easy and they’re definitely not for everyone.

They do make you appreciate small things that most couples take for granted. Something as simple as your girlfriend’s scent will become your favorite smell in the world.

Regardless of the number of miles between you, the saying “distance makes the heart grow fonder” is absolutely true. It just takes a lot of work from both parties.

Attempt to see each other often. In-state relationships are obviously more flexible. If possible, you and your sweetie should travel to see each other every weekend.

Out-of-state poses more problems. Many times, you’re both in school and have a harder time traveling. If this is the case, take turns visiting during winter, spring and summer breaks.

There are options available for times you can’t be together. Programs like Skype let you see each another on a daily basis. Set up Skype dates, and time apart will fly.

Ask your girlfriend on a date. For example, go to the movies “together.” Text each other during the film to feel closer. Just make sure your phones are muted and you’re seated a reasonable distance from others.

Trust and constant communication play major roles in any relationship but become the two biggest players in yours.

Trusting your girlfriend wholly while you’re apart is a challenge, but your relationship will be much smoother once you do.

After being committed to each other for a long period, seeing each other every two months might make you miserable. Clearly, a huge decision needs to be made.

Talk about the possibility of moving closer. If your relationship can survive the test of distance and time, any obstacle you two come across will seem like a walk in the park.




Maintaining a healthy relationship takes hard work on both sides. When it comes to a long-distance relationship, you’ll need overtime to make it work.

Many of us have heard that long-distance relationships eventually crash and burn. In most cases, it’s a logical theory.

Being miles away from your lover can make you weary. You wonder if this is the perfect time to have a relationship.

However, long-distance relationships can be managed, despite the cons of not being able to see one another often or having physical contact.

When entering into a long-distance relationship, both parties should realize what they are getting into. You will not have the same luxuries as couples that can see each other any time.

Your phone will become your best friend, the gateway for keeping you closer to your lover.

Communicating on a daily basis will make both parties appreciate the relationship much more.

Don’t be shy about slipping a little “phone sex” into the conversation. Your anticipation for seeing each other will increase sevenfold.

When you live many miles apart, fighting should be last on your “to do” list.

Sure, when you lived in the same city, arguments sometimes ended with “make up sex.” But now, constant bickering should be kept to a minimum.

If not, the two of you will slowly drift apart and the relationship will not last.

Schedule trips to see each other as often as both of you can manage. No matter how small of a window, you must see one another in person. It will make appreciation for the relationship much sweeter.

Long-distance relationships are a hassle and can get tiresome, but they can ultimately be accomplished.

FACE-OFF: Return of the ‘Evil X’

FACE-OFF: Return of the ‘Evil X’


Sometimes when an old relationship ends, your ex seems to disappear from your life but pops back up as soon as you change your relationship status to “taken.”

There are a couple of ways an ex can try to sneak herself back into your life. Don’t be surprised if she prowls Facebook, asking who that new b-word is.

The saying “you don’t know what you’ve got ‘til it’s gone” hits her in the face. It makes her want you more than ever because she can’t have you.

If she’s the evil type, she’ll tell you how much she misses your “friendship” and ask you out to coffee to “catch up.” The only goal is to get your current girlfriend so jealous that she’ll leave you so the evil ex can swoop back in.

On the other hand, she might really still be in love with you or might genuinely miss your friendship.

Before making any crazy moves, think back to why your relationship ended. The reasoning might affect the decisions you make.

Was she the type of girl who had you on a short leash? If so, get the hell out of dodge. Why try to relight a fire that caused too much damage?

If she was the complete opposite, there is still a reason why your relationship ended. Hanging out with her might put your current relationship at risk.

Put yourself in your current girlfriend’s shoes. You’d probably go berserk if you found out she was even thinking of hanging out with her ex-boyfriend.

Don’t try to rekindle the old bond because it is not worth the trouble. If you’re honestly interested in getting back with your ex, end things with your girlfriend beforehand.

Whatever you decide to do, make sure it feels right. As cheesy as it sounds, it’s got to be what your heart wants.

You don’t want to walk away with the wrong woman. Again.



In a relationship, the key ingredients to keep this “souffle of love” afloat are trust, honesty and respect.

However, despite you wanting this entrée to be perfect, there are others that might not share your enthusiasm. One person in particular is your long-forgotten ex-boyfriend.

Even though you might have buried that chapter in an unmarked grave, ex’s have ways of coming back to life.

We’ve all heard the cliche lines, like “we can still be friends” or “I just want to see you happy” from an ex.

All that so-called “honesty” only applied when he was in the picture, while you cried yourself asleep to the mix-tape he made for you.

Sure he cared about you in his own way, but now that you have someone else he might feel a sense of resentment.

Keeping in contact with your ex may seem innocent at first, but that spark can potentially turn to flames. Talking can lead to hanging out, which can lead to laughs, which can potentially lead to “knocking the boots.”

It’s important to realize that you’re in a new relationship. Avoid trips down memory lane.

Your boyfriend may be understanding in some situations, but with this one he won’t be. Imagine how you would feel if he was talking to the whore he used to date.

Keep in mind that history can potentially repeat itself, and that will always linger in his head.

Don’t add extra obstacles to your relationship, especially for a person that you once loved. Trust me, it’s not worth the headaches.

Your boyfriend shouldn’t have to battle your evil ex just to keep your love. After all, he’s not Scott Pilgrim.

Your ex will only create problems. He mostly wants to see if he has you wrapped around his sinister finger. Best bet is to show him your middle one as a farewell present.


FACE-OFF: Vacations gone wild

FACE-OFF: Vacations gone wild


Spring Break is one of the most popular breaks our schools offer. Most students start planning their freedom the first day of spring semester.

Most guys’ ideal vacation includes going out with buddies, partying it up and hooking up with the hottest girls.

Things are different for you. This year, you’ve got yourself a little lady you need to take into consideration.

The media has tried to make some of us believe that guys in relationships can’t have that wild, crazy fun their single friends do.

In some extreme cases, it has also tricked a number them into thinking that a relationship needs to be put on hold for such events. (I know it sounds extremely unlikely but believe me, it happens.)

There is always a bright side to every situation. There is nothing stopping you and your girlfriend from participating in Spring Break festivities.

Unlike your single friends though, you don’t have to worry about picking out the hot girls from a room full of grenades every night.

You get to go out, party it up and hook up (if that’s what you and your girlfriend do in your spare time) without having to worry that you’ll get a STD from some random girl.

If you’re into the party scene and your girlfriend wants a more relaxing and romantic break, don’t fret. You can still make it work.

Escape to a place away from the usual party setting, meaning away from your friends. Try visiting quiet, romantic locations where you’ll have a lot of alone time.

If drinking with your buddies is what you’ll miss most, suck it up. You can still enjoy a couple of beers in the company of your lovely girlfriend.

The bonus is you’ll be making her quite content and you’ll be sharing a bed with your lady for the whole week.

Doing what she wants to do this year gives you the opportunity of telling her to suck it up the following year.

Practice proper communication with your girlfriend and you’ll have a great break. Above all, be safe and have fun!





Winter is coming to its cold end, and spring is knocking at the back door.

Spring time is not only the season of love, it’s also when many college students venture to vacation spots to enjoy Spring Break.

Since you’re in a relationship this time around, your Spring Break may be different from your single friends.

While your single girlfriend are out slutting it up, making decisions that might not make their parents proud, you have a boyfriend to consider.

He wouldn’t want to see you on the next “Girls Gone Wild” video showing off your lady lumps to the world.

Even though you have a boyfriend, it doesn’t mean that fun times can’t be on your Spring Break list.

Talk to him to find out what he would like to do. Whether its staying in town or going to the beach, you both should agree on the plans.

Remember when making plans, you don’t have to exclude friends from your activities. Spring Break can be an enjoyable experience in a group, while hitting the night life.

Your friends may think you can’t let loose when your boyfriend’s around, so this can be the perfect opportunity to show them you can.

However, don’t be that couple who stay in their own bubble because your friends won’t enjoy your company.

Also, don’t be a miniature Ronnie and Sammie couple fighting every second (that is a dilemma worth staying away from).

If you and your boyfriend want to avoid getting melanoma, a romantic getaway can be arranged.

You and your boyfriend can visit a resort and have some alone time.

Regardless of your plans, you know that it will be an enjoyable week.

So make sure you apply enough sunscreen, and don’t forget your camera (you’re gonna need something to remember your vacation.)

Top 10 things to avoid during Spring Break

Top 10 things to avoid during Spring Break


So let’s say I have this friend, and last Spring Break he took a trip to Mexico. While on this trip, his van was stolen. It contained his and his friend’s passports, wallets, iPods and clothing.

To make up for their epic loss, they decided to steal the master key to the hotel where they were staying. They then went through all the rooms to find anything valuable they could use to get home.

They ended up staggering drunk through the desert, and came upon a cocaine-filled abandoned car. That resulted in a life-threatening confrontation with drug lords.

The moral of the story? Here’s a Top 10 list of tips for Spring Break:

1.     Don’t go to Mexico.

2.     Don’t travel alone.

3.     Don’t get your car stolen.

4.     Don’t go to the brothels and get a 13-year-old pregnant.

5.     Don’t forget your camera. Someone’s bound to end up with their face in the toilet.

6.     Don’t drink the water. Bring your own.

7.     Don’t forget to call your mom and let her know you’re alive.

8.     Don’t go to a donkey show.

9.     Don’t end up near a cocaine-filled car about to get your ass kicked.

10.  Don’t forget to stay hydrated. Drink, drink, drink!


Check out these links to Spring Break destinations:


A site to find places and place a reservation specific to Spring Break:

Top 10 reasons to attend the Tucson Rodeo

Top 10 reasons to attend the Tucson Rodeo


1. You get two days off from school. What else are you going to do with your free time?

2. You get to help out a good cause — a portion of the proceeds benefit a UA scholarship fund.

3. You finally get a chance to test your skills on the mechanical bull.

4. When else do you get to wear a cowboy hat?

5. Delicious food… that’s a given.

6. You get to talk to a real cowboy. Call me, Trevor Brazile!

7. The rodeo dance is sponsored by Coors Light — a guaranteed good time.

8. Five words: Barrel racing and bull riding.

9. World’s longest non-motorized parade… enough said.

10. You get to watch the rodeo! Duh!

Surviving a baby scare

Surviving a baby scare


Since today’s society is a little more accepting of sex before marriage, there is a possibility you and your sweetheart are intimate.

This newfound freedom also brings along a variety of contraceptives that hopefully you both use to prevent unwanted pregnancies.

Unfortunately, these methods end up failing sometimes and your girlfriend ends up with a bun in her oven.

A missed period doesn’t automatically mean she’s pregnant. Stress is one of the main causes of a delayed period. Worrying too much about the possibility of being pregnant might be the cause of her fiasco.

Help her cycle return to its normalcy by comforting her and letting her know everything will be all right.

Since the pregnancy is not a definite thing, try to remain as calm as you can. Bugging out as much as your girlfriend won’t make matters any better.

Even though most claim to be 99.9 percent accurate, do not rely on pregnancy tests alone. Have her schedule an appointment with her doctor for a more precise exam.

Regardless of the outcome, remember that you’re in this sticky situation together. Some guys freak out and bail, and most of the time it turns out the girl isn’t pregnant.

It is important to talk about the “what ifs” of the future. It’ll give you both time to evaluate your relationship and where it’s going. (I’m not by any means saying this evaluation should only occur during pregnancy scares).

Once the test results come out negative (if it really is just a scare), you’ll both be able to breathe again. To prevent another scare, continue using condoms in addition to your girlfriend being on birth control.

What happens if your girlfriend is pregnant? Well, that’s a whole other Face-Off issue.


It’s no surprise after months of being together that you and your partner have explored each other’s love parts.

It’s perfectly natural to indulge your animalistic needs. You won’t be walking down any aisles sporting a white dress, but that’s neither here nor there.

After wrestling between the sheets a couple of times, however, your womanly cycle may be a few days late.

This can become a nerve-racking, WTF moment in your relationship, but make sure not to panic.

Chances are you miscalculated your menstrual cycle in your “My Days” app on your cell phone.

Naturally, feeling a certain amount of anxiety from the thought of another life in the equation is acceptable.

Let’s face it, no person is truly ready to take care of another life. The ones who say otherwise receive a rude awakening when reality sets in.

It’s important to let your other half realize what’s going on, rather than leaving his clueless mind in the dark.

You may be wondering about the correct approach for bringing up an unexpected pregnancy. I hate to break it to you ladies, but there really isn’t a handbook on this particular mishap.

Regardless of how charming he might be, his mind has been programmed to believe that having a child is the “game over” of sex.

That’s not to say that he’s going to leave you with nothing more than a diaper bag and crushed dreams.

Subtly inform him that your monthly friend is late for her visit, and you might be expecting the unexpected.

If he is the “knight in shining armor” that you believe he is, chances are he will marginally freak out but ultimately stand by your side. This cross is both of yours to bear.