ASK GABI: Be careful with summer romances

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By Gabi Piña

Summer waits patiently around the corner while the end of another grueling semester nears.

Worn-out students have started mapping their summer events. For some, this might include finding themselves a little summer romance.

Summer flings can either be very good or can go horrendously wrong. Happy mediums are rare.

When people find themselves a summer lover, one individual almost always puts in more effort than the other. In most scenarios, feelings are hurt, friendships end badly and it sours the tone for the rest of the summer.

The best thing to do is to keep an open mind. Dive into a new relationship knowing that it might just be a summer affair.

This might sound a bit cynical, but it causes less damage. Let’s get real, most people (female and male) are just looking for summer hook-ups. If you’re single, summer is a time to have fun, not be tied down.

The rules of being friends with benefits can all be applied to a summer love story. The minor exception is that you are more likely to be just one of a few devotees.

Whatever summer brings, be concerned with only one thing. Enjoy it. Squeeze every bit of fun out of every relationship or hook up you encounter.

Life is short and you might not get any other opportunities like the ones in front of you.

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