Month: April 2021

OPINION: Did the Phoenix Suns Make a Mistake Drafting Jalen Smith?

April 15, 2021

Photo by Alexander Jonesi By Kyler Van Vliet As it stands, the Phoenix Suns are the number two seed in the Western Conference, trailing behind the Utah Jazz by only 1.5 games. Not many people pegged the Suns to make such a jump in the standings from last season, even after the Chris Paul acquisition […]

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Pima Volleyball to Play in Program’s First National Tournament

April 12, 2021

Originally posted to Photos by Stephanie Van Latum/Pima College By Kevin Murphy The Pima Community College volleyball team finds themselves in the first national tournament in program history after a regular season defined by adversity and setbacks. The conference season was especially unique for the Aztecs because the other Division II teams opted out […]

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Cibo Matto: Crazy Food, Good Music

April 10, 2021

By Lanissa Patterson Boring music is no fun. 90’s band Cibo Matto understood that loud and clear. With their emulsification of genres and unique sound, you won’t be bored even if it is not exactly your cup of tea. Seeking refuge from the harsh world around us, this past summer I immersed myself in the […]

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OPINION: The Necessity of Inevitable Hierarchies

April 7, 2021

By Kevin Hartung In every society, there exist the haves and the have nots, management and workers, the makers and the takers. Hierarchies form naturally through distinct selection processes whether in humans or insects. Hierarchy establishes social order and facilitates social increase. Hierarchies add structure and regularity to movements with the social order. They provide routines, duties, and […]

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OPINION: Proposition 203 and What’s Being Taken From Me?

April 5, 2021

By Kevin Murphy Pending community outreach from the City of Tucson and the Zoological Society, Reid Park Zoo’s “Pathway to Asia” expansion that was set to replace Barnum Hill and the south duck pond has been temporarily halted by mayor Regina Romero. The proposed expansion is a part of proposition 203, which passed in 2017: […]

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The Real Lives Behind Your Mentors

April 1, 2021

By Mara Durán Little do we know about the lives of the teachers at Pima Community College (PCC). We don’t stop to think about who they are or how they have managed to get where they are. The truth is that all people come from a cultural background that we can learn about to enrich […]

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