An Ode to Tucson


As my last few weeks at Pima Community College dwindle to an end, I have been reflecting on my semester living in Tucson. Every time I tell someone that I moved to Tucson from California they always gasp, having this shocked and slightly horrified look in their eyes that someone could possibly trade the ocean for a desert, celebrity sightings for University of Arizona basketball team sightings, and popular nightclubs for dive bars.

But Tucson has been one of the most memorable experiences of my life. If not for the great classes at Pima, my time has been well spent on a series of never-ending adventures and stories alongside some amazing people.

With Tucson as the backdrop to this chapter of my life, a character of its own, I have come up with some of the top places in Tucson.

  1.     Hotel Congress started off my Tucson adventure as the first club I had been to. With its vibrant atmosphere and overpriced, but equally great AMF’s, Hotel Congress has been a character of its own.
  2.     Frog N Firkin looks like just another college bar, but with its eccentric employees always cracking a joke, karaoke Tuesdays, and basketball games played on the big screen that get crowds of all ages screaming, it has proven to be a great place to dine with friends. If you have the chance to go there and are of age, definitely try their fish piss drink.

Interviewing Frog N Firkin employee of two years, Danielle Allin, 25,  she told me how much she loves the “family-friendly environment” and the “life-long” friends she has met through the restaurant.

  1.     Fatman Kitchen looks like it would not be the ideal place to eat. Tucked away near a series of not-so attractive buildings, Fatman’s Kitchen has the BEST Chinese food in Tucson.
  2.     The District makes life feel like there is a party every day. Simply walking down the hallways on a Friday or Saturday night and you are bound to meet a new friend. A block away from 4th Street and all its restaurants, bars, and hole-in-the-wall spots, The District is the perfect place to live.

Interviewing resident of The District, Marissa Mendez, 20, and asking her what her favorite part about living in The District was, she responded with, “I love having all my friends around me. I love being able to have pool days, study sessions, and meeting different interesting people.”

  1.     IBT’s may be one of the very few places in Tucson where a male, study sessions, and  has the power to get himself a free drink. Between top forty hits and go-go dancers, IBT’s is one of those places where you are bound to find a crazy adventure regardless of your orientation.
  2.     Of all the coffee shops in Tucson, I was most pleased by Black Crown Coffee. A biker hangout location, it is filled with the hipsters of Tucson who all celebrate their love for coffee and mellow vibes.

Overall, my experience in Tucson has been life changing. I would encourage everyone to explore this city for all it has to offer… enjoy the dive bars while you are here, the fun downtown nightlife scene, the fantastic brunch spots, and the people.


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