A blast from the Hydro Flask at Pima Community College

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This $50 hunk of tin is popular. 

The trend started last year (at least that’s when the trend hit Arizona), grew, peaked and has died quicker than it started. Hydro Flask isn’t talked about as much anymore, but they are still floating about college campuses across the country. 

If you haven’t heard about the Bend, Oregon-based Hydro Flask, it’s a water bottle that keeps your beverage hot or cold for extended periods. This is done by the company’s innovative insulation technique trademarked as TempShield. 

“TempShield is our double-wall, vacuum-insulated technology that guards the temperature of your drink,” according to the company’s website. 

Similar and less expensive brands like Contigo also keep things cold and hot for longer periods of time.

“We engineered Thermalock vacuum insulated stainless steel water bottles to keep your drink refreshingly cold for up to 18 hours (and no, that’s not a typo),” according to Contigo’s website. 

So, it must be something else that makes people swoon for the $50 Hydro Flask over the cheaper $20 Contigo or other insulated water bottles. 

Hydro Flask began in 2009 and has been growing since. The Hydro Flask is the water bottle everyone wants, but it’s on the expensive side, that is, if you think $50 is expensive. Hydro Flasks aren’t necessary, but you are “cooler” if you have them. 

“I wanted one because it keeps water cooler for longer, that’s what I think for at least,” said Pima student Mckenzie Braun-Shirley. “I also like supporting local companies and I’m originally from Oregon and that’s where Hydro Flask started, so like as much they’re everywhere here, they’re even more everywhere in Oregon.” 

Hydro Flask has expanded. A few years back was acquired by the company Helen of Troy Limited, based in El Paso, Texas. 

“Helen of Troy Limited is a global consumer product company …,” said Joseph Ditzler, a writer for The Bulletin in Bend. The company purchased Hydro Flask for a price of $210 million.

Hydro Flask in 2017, went across the pond and beyond to continue the massive expansion of the company.

“Building on the brand’s growing global presence, Hydro Flask will launch into over 100 new Japanese retailers…” according to a press release on Brewbound website.

Hydro Flask has grown significantly since their start in 2009, but the question still lies, What makes this product so trendy?

“I think they maybe caught on because they work, I don’t know, but I like it. I think it works for me,” said Braun-Shirley, “I mean they do have cool color, so maybe that’s a part of it.”

Hydro Flask has as of now 21 colors, including some newer ones like, lilac, watermelon, jade and frost.

These are just colors though. There is also the trend to apply stickers to your own Hydro Flask, since it is a blank canvas. If you cover the bottle with stickers, then the color doesn’t matter. So why else is Hydro Flask so popular?

“I think I bought it because I liked how easy it was to clean,” said Pima student Lauren Gray. “I think it is a little overpriced, but it’s not plastic which I like.” 

In the end, both thought that Hydro Flask works for them. They thought the customizations with colors and the different caps was a nice addition to the product itself and really likes how they last a long time. They both thought it was good investment.

“I think it is just because I’ve had it for years, as long as you don’t lose it, but it is hyped,” Gray said.

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