Welcome to a New Year and a new semester. The start of a New Year is often viewed as a blank slate of endless possibility, the chance for rebirth and self improvement with New Year’s resolutions. 

Or you could decide to forego all of that and double down on your previous choices. 

 Prior to November’s midterms, Arizona Republicans occupied all statewide elected offices, held both chambers of the Legislature and a majority of the congressional seats. The blue wave hit, eroding away much of these holdings. 

Republican Sen. Jeff Flake was replaced at the polls by a Democrat for the first time in 30 years. A similar trend occurred throughout the midterms in Arizona, a state that Trump won in 2016 by 4 points. 

Faced with the trend of an increasingly purple state, two options are placed before the Arizona GOP: Chart a new path with a new message or double down on President Donald Trump. 

Enter the new state GOP Chairwoman, Kelli Ward. 

Courage comes in many forms, be it the service of the late Sen. John McCain or the reckless abandon of the battle cry of Leeroy Jenkins as one charges into sweet oblivion and a glorious end. 

Jenkins yelled as Arizona Republicans voted for a person who appeared on InfoWars claiming McCain might assassinate her in March 2016. 

Jenkins yelled as Arizona Republicans voted to further embrace the former fringes. 

But to embrace actual rebirth, a new semester bring a new crop of voices into the Aztec Press to help tell the story of Pima Community College. 

Welcome to all first-time student-reportors, returning staff, and most of all, you the reader.

This semester promises to be an eventful one and we get to experince it together. Yippee ki-yay.

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