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Q: What is the thing you are most excited for over the winter break and why?


David Martinez

Audio production and music, 27

“Truthfully being able to spend time with my family and my daughter and sister. If anything probably just work on my car and continue to be a great father day by day.”


Aaron Escavary

Liberal arts history


“To catch up in sleep, and to get out of town and see family.”


Briana Muncy

Liberal arts major but studying early childhood education


“Probably seeing family and my birthday.”


Elias Lopez



“Resting that’s for sure not only that I get to relax and being a full time student I get to shut my brain off for a while. Not only that because its cold and you get to spend time with your family.”


Brandy Sanders


Accounting associates

“The things I am looking most forward to are spending time with family and drawing art.”

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