‘Cos’ for concern


The sentencing of Bill Cosby was three to 10 years incarceration in a state prison. 

That’s a slap on the wrist and a slap to the face of equal rights groups. The people of those groups should be outraged.

Cosby was found guilty of sexual assault in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, by Judge Steven O’Neill. Though the judge said it was a “serious crime,” Cosby could be released after three years.

That is not enough for drugging and raping a woman. That is a federal crime, where the minimum should be a 15-year sentence. A first-degree offense should be a possible 25-year to life sentence.

The aftermath of the Cosby sentencing will be a loss in the fight for equality. Rape should be looked at as a high-class federal offense such as kidnapping and murder. Three years as the minimum sentencing should be laughable in the court of law.

The justice system has failed yet another woman who was sexually assaulted. The justice system is set up to give first-time offenders lighter sentences even for high-class crimes. In some states, first murder convictions can get a minimum of 10 years — or less — in the penitentiary.

Even if it is a first offense, the minimum sentence for a rapist often is too low. Cosby and other sexual predators have gotten easy punishments from the justice system. If anyone is found guilty of rape, a minimum of 15 years should be sentenced.

A first-time murderer often gets a minimum of 10 years, while Cosby got a maximum sentence of 10 years.

Some will say that sentence for Cosby was enough. I say they’re wrong. That man defiled a woman, forced his way into a situation no woman should ever find herself in. 

Cosby deserves a sterner punishment and the women he defiled should get an apology from the judge and the system be corrected. 


Rene Escobar

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