The Word

What’s the dumbest thing you have done?


Dennis Lemmon


Using the wifi


That would be something dangerous I tried to cliff dive like those acopoco divers into the ocean and I banged my head now I’m on the disability.


Eron Scarbrough



I threw a rock and I thought it was going to go over the ledge and it did but I guess someone threw it back because it hit me in the head



Hunter Bailey




When I was 13 i broke into a construction site a bunch of people showed up and brandished guns and chased us around this site


Paloma McKenna



Not wear a belt I went to the movies and i needed to used the restroom and I jumped the guard rail and because my pants were loose and I wasn’t wearing a belt my pants fell down



Annabelle Stoke



Major psychology

Stealing a five cent piece of gum from a quick mart when i was 5 and I thought i was in the clear but this lady at the cash register came and got me. And I cried and she just gave it to me and I


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