Hollywood ending for the Rams?



The autumn wind signifies the changing of seasons, but for the National Football League,

it means a blank canvas for 32 NFL teams.

Rene Escobar

They all share the common goal of reimagining the masterpiece that the Philadelphia Eagles created last year. A Super Bowl ring is in the dreams of the players, fans and cities.

But there can only be one dream that becomes a reality for one of those 32 teams. I predict that the Los Angeles Rams will be that one dream molded into reality.

Last season, the young Rams were flicked out of the NFL postseason by reigning National Football Conference champions Atlanta Falcons. The inexperience of the team’s core including quarterback Jared Goff was the team’s downfall in 2017.

Now the team has a QB in his third year, a top-three running back in Todd Gurley who’s happy and paid, and an assortment of offseason upgrades to a defense that ranked 19th on Pro Football Reference.

The Rams defenses acquired All-Pro cornerback Marcus Peters along with five-time Pro-Bowler Aqib Talib, as well as signing defensive player of the year Aaron Donald to a max contract.

The luscious harvest of the offseason wasn’t over for the Rams, however. When the team signed all-pro nose tackle Ndamukong Suh from free agency, they added another monster to the opposition’s nightmare.

The Rams’ shopping spree seemed to have no end as the 10th-ranked offense in the league reloaded with signing of Pro-Bowl wide receiver Brandin Cooks.

The Rams are a team that’s young at its core yet is sprinkled with the wisdom of champion veterans. Head Coach of the Year Sean McVay said he knows he had a team that is “ready to make a splash in 2018.”

Coaching is a key factor in building a championship team, and the Rams have exactly that in their coaching staff, including a champion defensive coordinator in Wade Phillips, who commands a stout defense.

The experience in the team grew last year, and its bitter elimination provided an opportunity to grow.

I believe the L.A. Rams are poised for another run at the helm of a championship in a city hungry for greatness. Perhaps the City of Angels blessed this team with a squad that can write a Hollywood ending.



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