Aztecs reignite fire after four-game losing streak


On its way to post-season play, the Pima Community College softball team is currently on a two-for-six run in its recent games.

The Aztecs pulled out a winning sweep against GateWay and Scottsdale community colleges, but felt a crushing defeats against its other three opponents.

April 10: Game 1-PCC 10, Scottsdale CC 1,
Game 2-PCC 9, Scottsdale CC 1

The Aztecs took ownership of a slow start to a game that would seal the fate of the Artichokes.

After only scoring 1 run
in both the second and third inning, Pima would then wake up and litter the scoreboard with8 runs in the fth inning.

Freshman Alese Casper, pictured left, took the win, now 10-8, as she only gave up 1 run on 1 hit and earned 4 strikeouts.

The next game would almost be a same story but at a different pace.

Aztecs shot rst for 2 runs in the rst, with another 4 runs inthe fourth inning. They would then seal its sweep victory with3 more runs in the nal sixthinning.

April 7: Game 1-PCC1, Eastern Arizona College 9 (6 innings),

Game 2-PCC 1, Eastern Arizona College 6

The Aztecs got swept in back to back series for the first time all season. Even though Pima were able to get 19 hits, they only scored 2 runs over the 2 games.

The Gila Monsters scored 5 runs in the first 2 innings of the first game and didn’t look back from there. Pima had their chances, however they would let those chances slip away, leaving 10 runners on base.

Freshman Maria Vanezza-Caldera finished 3 for 3 with a triple and our only run scored.

Sophomore Sierra Gentry took the loss on the day as she pitched 2 innings, giving up 4 earned runs on 7 hits.

With the Aztecs losing 2-0 in the 3rd inning, they would load the bases, however they would strand those runners on base.

Freshman Alese Casper finished 1 for 4 with a double and the only run scored. She also took the loss on the mound, pitching 6 innings, giving up 4 earned runs, on 12 hits and 2 strikeouts.


April 03: Game 1-PCC 6, Central Arizona College 13,

Game 2-PCC 6, Central Arizona 9

After putting a win on their belts, the Aztecs return to the West Campus softball field to put up a fight against Central Arizona College. However, the Aztecs would give up a sweep.

The first game saw the Vaqueras dominate early as they scored 6 runs while the Aztecs could only match 2 runs. After that, Eastern Arizona would put up another run in the third and another 4 runs in the fourth inning.

Showing no signs of stopping, they would eventually end the game with a 13-6 lead.

Cabral finished with 2 RBIs and 2 runs scored. Casper would walk away with a loss, now 9-7, she pitched the entire game giving up 13 runs and 16 hits, while only getting 2 strike-outs.

The second game started off a little slower on both sides, with Pima taking first blood with 3 runs in the third inning. However, the Vaqueras would return the favor with 2 runs in the fourth and 3 in the fifth to tie the game 5-5 at the end for the fifth inning. Yet Eastern Arizona would come back four runs in the sixth to put the game slightly out of reach of PCC.

Sophomore Sierra Gentry took the loss, now 5-3, she pitched two and one third innings giving up four runs and earning one strike-out.



March 31: Game 1-PCC 9, GateWay CC 2,

Game 2-PCC 16, GateWay 3 (5 innings)


Recovering from the previous loss they were handed, the Aztecs were back with a vengeance to reclaim their dignity. Mimicking their previous victors, PCC opened up with 3 runs in the first, and quickly followed up with 1 run in the second and two more runs in the third.

Freshman Alese Casper would take the win, she pitched the entire game and gave up 2 runs.

Pima would quickly wrap up the second game against GateWay in the fifth inning, after amassing 16 runs by the third, earning themselves a mercy-rule victory.

Sophomore Edith Prieto walked away with five RBIs, a run and two triples.


March 27: Game 1-PCC 1, Yavapai College 10 (5 innings)

Game 2-PCC 0, Yavapai College 17 (5 innings)


PCC failed to have a strong open in the first game against Yavapai after giving up three runs right off the bat.

After the bad start, freshman Maria Vanezza Caldera started the second inning with a double, which led to freshman Sarrah Jones bringing her in on a RBi single.

Yavapai kept the intensity up as PCC gave up another 5 runs in the fourth inning.

The Aztecs finished the first game with only 9 hits and Caldera would be the only one to score a run.

The second match saw Yavapai open up the game with another 3-run fiesta as PCC could not answer back.

PCC only gave up 1 run in the second inning, but quickly lost control in the third when the Roughriders swung for 9-runs with no answer from PCC.

Adair took the loss, now 17-5, as she pitched for two and a third innings giving up 7 runs.


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