What a break means, 21 years after the (un)official ‘We were on a break’


Let’s get one thing straight, Ross Geller and Rachel Green of “Friends” were on a break, which means they could do whatever they wanted with their lives.

The circumstances they faced would most likely stay in the world of “Friends.” However, sometimes it can happen in real life.

What we know

We know that he was jealous of Mark, Rachel’s co-worker, and Rachel didn’t realize that until later. We know that Rachel took a lot of time away from Ross for her job, yet Ross saw this as time toward Mark.

So far, things aren’t looking good for either.

However, when it gets to their anniversary, things get a little complicated. Ross is planning to celebrate their anniversary. While waiting, Rachel calls to tell Ross that she won’t be home in time for their dinner. So Ross brings the anniversary to Rachel at her work and she gets flustered and tells him to leave.

Once Rachel gets home, she and Ross talk. Tensions are high, and Rachel says, “Take a break,” and after a brief pause, she ends with “from us.”


Let’s take what happened to our favorite sitcom couple and put them in 2018.

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Tensions are still high but no one is texting back first. Why? Because one party said, “Let’s take a break from us.”

A break, in my opinion, is when the two parties are done with each other –– meaning they can both see and talk to whomever they want. If they want to get back together, then that’s on the party and they need to specify it.

Because in 2018, it has to be specified. Both people in the relationship have multiple ways to find any quick fixes they need –– Twitter, Snapchat, Tinder or any other social media app.

Once the idea that the two people aren’t a couple hits the floor, it’s over. They can both do whatever they want with whomever they want and they shouldn’t have to worry about the repercussions.

However, if neither party wants this to happen, then it should be explained. You’re both adults, so act like and speak up for what you want to say.

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