Ways to not die on SB2k18


With spring break around the corner, there are thousands of college students that are trying to get out of town and enjoy their stress- and responsibility-free week.

We all know that almost any spring break location is going to include sex, drugs, binge drinking and only God knows what else.

You can have a great time and live it up, but most importantly, you and your friends need to stay safe on vacation. Here are 10 tips on keeping spring break safe.

10. Stick with your clique.

You want to have fun when you’re out and about, but it’s important to stick together. It can be easy to lose a friend at the pool or at a party. There’s a good chance many of you are going to be intoxicated, and it’s necessary to know about people’s whereabouts. If a friend is going home with someone, make sure you know where they are going and just trust your intuition, if you don’t trust them, then too bad for your friend, they can cry about it or meet up with them later.

9. Be smart with your money.

If you are staying in the country, make sure you’re not “that” drunk student at the club that ends up buying too many drinks, to only end up getting declined at the end of the night. Have a set of emergency funds in case your trip goes south, and remember where you keep your credit cards and cash. If you are going out of the country, always keep some cash on you. Don’t bring your entire savings out to the club or beach. However, leave some of it at your hotel. If you go to Mexico, leave some money at the hotel just in case you end up in trouble at the club and the Mexican police decide to take all of your funds.

8. Be aware of what you drink.

Of course, the club and bar scene is a great time, but you have to be aware of your surroundings. It’s nice of a stranger to buy you a drink, but you never know if your drink is going to be spiked.

If you meet someone and go to the bar with them, then maybe you’re in the clear, but you never know if the bartender is a sketchy character. Just buy your own drinks and have a great time by your self.

If you see this going on, please stop that lame douchebag from bringing harm to anyone’s way. Your friends will make sure you don’t take anything sketchy

7. Eat and hydrate to survive.

We all know what happens when you get drunk and have nothing in your stomach: You throw up nothing. It’s the worst feeling in the world, and the hangover is even worse. You’ll get drunk fast, but it’s not a good drunk because you’ll look like a fool. It isn’t healthy and you don’t want to be that friend that has to be carried out after you pass out.  Pick up a Pedialyte or carry around a gallon jug of water and stay hydrated throughout the day. Make sure you eat at least twice a day.

6. Safe sex is the best sex.

Spring break is spring break, and there’s a good possibility that you will have sex. It could be a night you regret or a great night, but it could happen.

A wise man once said, “Safe sex is great sex, better wear a latex, cause if you don’t want that late text, that ‘I think I’m late’ text.” – Lil Wayne

You don’t want to pick up a STD or anything gross, so just wear a condom.

5. Be smart with illegal drugs.

Based off personal experience, if you have any illegal substances, don’t take them out of the hotel room or house. Don’t get too high on whatever you have unless you plan on not leaving the room.In America, if you get caught with drugs, you’re doomed to face some sort of prison time. In Mexico, if you get caught with drugs, you sometimes can pay off the officers and they will let you keep your illegal substance and leave you alone. The moral of this is not to be stupid with anything that could get you jail time.

4. Don’t fall in love.

Falling in love could ruin your whole trip. For example, If you’re feeling ‘homegirl,’ that’s great, but don’t think ‘homegirl’ will be feeling you. The following day, you’ll see ‘homegirl’ drunk with her tongue deep in a tool’s mouth, and you will be heartbroken. Don’t let that kill your vibe. This works both ways in a male’s perspective and a female’s. If you do get caught up in a love trance, then your plan for the week will be to drink until the pain is over. But what’s worse, the pain or the hangover?

3. Don’t post it all on social media.

Watch what you post on social media. You don’t want the world to see you acting a fool. If you have a really bad night and your family members or your job gets a hold of those videos or photos, then it’s going to be really awkward once you get back into town. I understand if you want to snap one of your friends throwing up and keep it on the group snap of friends. Just be smart and post the basic vacation pictures online.

2. Have a backup plan

No matter what happens, you and your group will always need a backup plan. Life throws many curve balls and it’s best to be prepared for the worst. Life sucks and never goes your way, so remember that.

1. Have fun an enjoy it

Don’t be a stick in the mud. Have fun and enjoy yourself. Make sure to revel in your time away from any responsibilities. The whole point of spring break is to create memories that you can talk about forever.

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