New golfer brings goals to new team


This season, Pima Community College added five new players to the team, one of those players being Araceli Esquivel.

Although the Tucson native would play for fun on the golf course when she was little, she didn’t start competitively playing golf until she was 12 years old.

“My grandpa bought me my first clubs at 9 years old,” Esquivel said.

She competed for Salpointe Catholic High School all four years. In 2016, Esquivel graduated from Salpointe Catholic High school where she played golf all four years.

Before attending Pima Community college, Esquivel attended Irvine Valley College to play golf for the 2016-2017 school year.

During her time in California, Araceli began to miss her home in Tucson and her family. She moved back to Tucson and started playing with the Pima Aztecs women’s golf team.

She is proud to call herself a community college athlete.

“I think playing collegiately is an achievement in itself, I love every second on the course.” Esquivel said.

Before she began this season with PCC, head coach Rick Price mentioned “She is definitely one of the top players in the conference” and he “wouldn’t be surprised if she wins a couple of events this season.”

Price had great expectations for Esquivel, and she hasn’t let him down. Just this season she has shown her talent by placing top five in every tournament she has competed in.

Esquivel doesn’t have a set routine before her tournaments, but before she heads out to the course she always receives a good luck text from her dad which is something she looks forward to.

Because Equivel has already played one year at the community college level, this is her  first and last year competing for the Aztecs.

“My goal this year is to enjoy the time I have with my team and play some great golf,” Esquivel said.

Next year, Esquivel has hopes of playing for a four-year university. She is currently working on a degree in radiologic technology.

“When I’m not practicing I’m usually studying, which sounds so extra, but I’m not kidding anatomy is hard,” Esquivel said.

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