Majorly focused: a new way of advising


Pima Community College has recently restructured its advising centers.
Each adviser now takes on a specific major instead of being a general adviser. Aztec Press took a look at some of the advisers that Pima students will meet when they need help.


Kisha Calbert – STEM and Fitness Programs
Students can find Kisha Calbert on the West Campus. For the past 11 years, she has been working as an academic adviser at Division I FBS and 1AAA schools. She has worked with sports groups “from equestrian to football and all sports in between.”
“(I enjoy) the connections that I can make with students,” Calbert said.
She hopes that each student has “most, if not all, questions answered and a sense that there is someone on campus willing to be their ally.”

Amanda Salvato – Nursing
Also on the West Campus, Amanda Salvato advises nursing students. Before advising here at PCC, she was an adviser and adjunct professor at the University of Arizona. She is a PCC graduate as well.
“My goal when a student enters my cube is to have them feel like they can trust me and reach out to me if they need anything,” Salvato said. “I am their advocate and mentor and want to be the person they think of if anything comes up in their life, good or bad.”


Angela Acosta, M.Ed. – PimaOnline Program
Angela Acosta is at the Desert Vista Campus. She previously worked at UA and Northern Arizona University in a variety of capacities.
“I value the diverse backgrounds and experiences that students bring with them to our advising sessions,” Acosta said. “I believe every student is kind and uniquely talented.”
Christina Foglia – Health Programs
Rounding out the West Campus advisers is Christina Foglia, who has been working at PCC since 2009. She started off helping veterans at the Desert Vista Campus but is now excited to start advising students.
“I feel like I have a knack for connecting with … students and helping them feel like they belong,” Foglia said. “That motivates me to be their fairy god adviser and bring them up to speed on how things work.”

Lindsey Moreno – Applied Technologies
Those interested in baseball may want to talk to Lindsey Moreno. After receiving her master’s in educational leadership from NAU, she worked as the administrative assistant to the vice president with the Arizona Diamondbacks.
Now she helps students by making sure they feel at home.
“My goal is for the student to leave my office with an answer to their questions,” Moreno said.


John Ocasio – Liberal Arts
John Ocasio graduated from the UA with a bachelor’s in sociology. He is currently deciding what to pursue for a master’s degree.
When advising students, Ocasio wants to “ensure (students) leave feeling confident in their educational and professional aspirations, knowing that they can accomplish whatever they set their mind to doing.”

Marisa Saxton – Business Programs
Marisa Saxton has previous advising experience and has worked at UA and the University of Phoenix.
“There are many special stories regarding the students I meet with, but what I find truly special is watching a student grow as a result of their educational experiences and developed personal insight,” Saxton said. “I enjoy helping students find the drive and enthusiasm for their future goals and opportunities. It sincerely brings meaning to my work life.”
After speaking with each adviser, one can see consistent traits among them – understanding, positivity and a desire to help PCC students achieve the best they can.

If you want to contact an adviser, you can call any of the advising centers listed below.
Desert Vista Campus, Plaza Building, 206-5000
Downtown Campus, LB Building, 206-7171
East Campus, Student Center, 206-7000
Northwest Campus, Building B, 206-2200
West Campus, Santa Catalina Building, 206-6600

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