‘Eurydice’ brings tragedy to Pima stage


Get ready to take a journey to the land of the dead with Pima’s newest theater production, “Eurydice.”

The show, which will run from April 12 through April 22, is Pima Community College’s fresh reimagining of the ancient Greek tragedy “Orpheus.”

Written by Sarah Ruhl and directed by Nikki Martinez, this production plays with the lines between danger and whimsy by blending elements of comedy into a tragic love story.

Photo by Eric Teel/Aztec Press, The Nasty Man, played by Jubilee Reynolds, sits on his trycicle.

The play revolves around Eurydice as she journeys through the underworld after dying on her wedding day, all the while being pursued by Orpheus, the man who she loves and was due to marry. Examining the consequences of transcending death, Eurydice must choose whether to return to the land of the living with the Orpheus or remain in the dreamlike land of the dead with the father she lost.

Pima’s theater department brings its own unique pieces to “Eurydice,” such as including a timeless setting and a strange-and-yet wonderful soundtrack created by Nikki Martinez in collaboration with sound designer Felicia Mathis.

“Eurydice examines how our memories can shape the decisions we make and how we view the people we love,” director Nikki Martinez said.




Where: Center for the Arts Black Box Theatre, West Campus

When: April 12-22 7:30 p.m. Thurs-Sat and 2 p.m. Sun. ASL Interpreter will be at the April 19 show

Tickets: $18; $10 for Pima students

Box Office: 206-6986


Photos by Joe Giddens / AZTEC PRESS, The Chorus of Stone sits on a staircase with their tongues out.


Eurydice: Alejandro Castillo

Her Father: Evan Taylor

Orpheus: Etienne Wegrzyniak

Nasty Man/Child: Jubilee Reyonlds

Chorus Of Stone: Mandysa Brock, Jessica Palmer, Taylor Hernandez

Director: Nikki Martinex

Costume Directors: Clarissa Rodriguez and Hernan Gonzalez

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