The word: Thoughts on Joe Arpaio for U.S. Senate? By: Joe Giddens



“He has a right to run but I want fresher faces and newer perspectives. I think both the Republicans and Democrats need new faces to approach the people. It’d be nice to see what the younger generation has to say.” William Knight


“What I like about Arpaio is you know where he stands on border defense, DACA, immigration policy with regards to vetting, border security and homeland security.” Richard Garcia/Cyber Operations Major-



“He’s a criminal and he has been convicted as such. And the fact that he got a pardon from Donald Trump is pretty disgusting also.” Fiona Alabi-isama



“Piece of shit — an unethical police officer — the antithesis of what we need in our communities. A reflection of what’s going on in our country right now politically.” Chris Farley/Music Major



“I don’t agree with his views on immigration. This country was built on immigrants. It’s a mixture that’s what makes it great.” Luis Duarte Engineering/Cyber Security


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