By: Aztec Press Staff

Clinco up next for BOG chairman

The Board of Govenors has a change in its roster for the coming year. Demion Clinco is up next to take the mantel.

“Pima County College board are terms for six years, and ever year per the by-laws, there is an election for the chairmen and vice-chair,” Clinco said.

Meredith Hay was appointed as the Vice Chair for this year and declined to comment when reached out.

Pima buys the Tucson Inn 

Pima Community College has purchased the property at 127 W. Drachman St. for about $1 million. The Tucson Inn, which presently occupies the land, opened in 1953 and was shut down by the City of Tucson, which cited structural and electrical issues. Formal plans for the property have not been made. However, its neon sign may be preserved.

Emerging Leaders Summit 

A free one-day conference for Pima students will offer 50-minute workshops on networking and developing professional and academic skills. The workshops will take place from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Feb. 16 in the West Campus cafeteria. Registration  is required in advance at http://bit.ly/Fall17EmergingLeaders. For more information, call 206-7616.

What’s the fuzz on cactus?

Have you noticed what looks like cotton candy on the surface of  prickly pear around campus? You’re seeing the work of a species of insects named cochineals. They burrow into the pads and secrete that white “stuff” to protect them from the elements. Historically, these insects were crushed and used as a dye by the Aztecs and other natives. Nowadays, they are used as a natural food dye by companies such as Starbucks.

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