LETTER FROM THE EDITOR: I may not be your mom, but be careful please


Without sounding like an alcoholic, I love traveling away from home and drinking myself silly with my friends.

It’s a great way to forget everything from the previous semester just so I can start the next one fresh.

Let’s be honest, we all have PTSD from the last semester, and it’s time to wash it away with the lovely taste of Jameson.

Unless you’re a youngster, then you can start your spring break with a visit to the ER while attempting the Tide Pod challenge.

Aside from not eating things we shouldn’t, my friends and I always take a couple things into consideration.

We watch our surroundings, and we watch each other.

I couldn’t tell you the amount of times I’ve turned around for a second only to lose my friends because they drunkenly walked away to go to where the shiny lights are.

Watch each others’ backs.

If they really are your friends, then you’ll watch theirs and they’ll watch yours. In any other circumstance, maybe don’t travel with them.

While watching each other, also watch what you drink.

The first time I traveled, my friends and I ended up at a huge club in Puerto Peñasco. It didn’t even look like a club; it looked like a gigantic apartment complex.

When we all got out the cab and found each other, we were met with the sight of a girl getting carried out by her hands and feet, by what looked to be her family or friends.

While this may be funny at first, we noticed she was limp and definitely not moving.

Later, we heard that the bartender spiked her drinks with something that made her faint and have shallow breaths.

After hearing that, we regretted laughing and moved on while trying to forget that THAT just happened.

None of my friends met with the same fate, probably because we carefully checked each drink.

If you suspect something is off about the drink, throw it away. Likewise, if you get handed a drink, accept it but don’t drink it. Always bring your own water bottles if possible.

Lastly, and probably one of the most important things to think about, pick up your trash.

Every year is the same. You leave to drink. You drink. You come home and continue with life.

However, for the party hotspots, this isn’t the case. Those who live at these places have to live with the aftermath.

Actually, forget the people, the animals that call these places their homes have to live with it.

Beaches are some of the most sensitive ecosystems in the world, and any litter could tip the balance to make that ecosystem unlivable to the creatures there.

Or just make it a nuisance for people to clean up.

It’s so bad that Panama City Beach had to ban alcohol for the month of March, according to springbreakfunplace.com.

Nowadays, anyone caught with alcohol on the beach there will be fined $500.

That $500, however, isn’t as bad as the turtle that gets stuck in a plastic beer ring.

If these points are already on your mind, kudos to you.

Just be safe. I’m not your mom and I don’t know you, but if I read that something happened to a Tucsonan while they were away, I’m going to say, “I told you so.”

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