LETTER FROM THE EDITOR: Welcome back to H-E- double hockey stick 


What a sh*thole we’re in right now.

Recently it was announced that Joe “America’s Toughest Sheriff’’ Arpaio would be running for U.S. Senate. A study by OXFAM said that 82 percent of the wealth created in 2017 was taken by the top 1 percent. And we still have President Donald Trump in office.

Yet with all the dark news, it’s always good to take a look at what good humanity can do, when they get their head screwed on right.

According to NBC, Fort Worth, Texas, is paying homeless to pick up trash around the city. For those that had no place that would hire them, this program is a safety blanket because they also get paid vacation and benefits.

The World Bank is starting to retract its support from the oil and gas industries, which means more attention will be paid to climate change, according to Business Insider. The U.S. may have backed out of the deal, but the next president hopefully will have a more precise outlook on what exactly climate change is doing to the world.

Liberia had its first peaceful democratic election in 47 years, according to The Guardian. Many people believe that President George Weah will have the backbone to fight the political corruption going on in Liberia.

As long as you keep up with the news, you always can find the light shining through the darkness.

There always are people that will go the extra mile to do good for people, yet at the same time there always are the people that will go the extra mile to get themselves ahead and hurt others.

For example, Trump appointed a climate change denier to the EPA, just to reduce funding from those that want to help the planet and putting that money in their own pockets.

Or a sheriff that ran an outdoor prison in 100 plus degree weather, is running for U.S. Senate.

We haven’t been paying enough attention to what exactly has been going on, as the media gets “distracted’’ by other hot topics.

It’s almost like real-life supervillains exist, and they’re taking over.

But not all heroes wear capes. So it’s important to look for the heroes, so when they do want to do something right in the world, we can back them up.

If you want to know how to stay on lookout, well, you’re holding it in your hands and reading it.

Yet you have to be careful about where you get your news and how.

Sites like Facebook and Google use algorithms that are most profitable for their sites, according to a CNBC article talking to Rupert Murdoch.

Yet Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said recently he wants to survey users “prioritize news that is trustworthy, informative and local,” according to a post from Zuckerberg on Facebook.

So it really is up to you, the reader, to do the research and make sure you know the news you’re reading is accurate and consistent.

I can tell you first hand that you won’t have to worry about that with the Aztec Press.

But you should still do your research to see just how trustworthy we are.

Welcome to the new world.

And make sure you find that light.




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