Multiple programs deactivated at Pima


Because of low enrollments and graduation rates, Pima Community College will be canceling six programs starting in the spring.

The changes were approved by Provost and Executive Vice Chancellor Dolores Duran-Ceda and Chancellor Lee D. Lambert. They are part of a general overhaul of college curriculum to better meet the needs of PCC students, as well as to meet HLC and Title IV compliance issues.

The following six programs will be canceled:

• Retailing and Fashion Consumer Sciences, associate degree

• Retail Management, certificate for direct employment

• International Business Management certificate

• Integrated Circuit Layout Design, certificate for direct employment

• Social Services Youth Services Specialty, associate of applied science degree

• Social Services Domestic Violence Intervention, certificate for direct employment.

The Business Retailing and Fashion Consumer Sciences has had fewer than 100 students enrolled in the associate’s degree program. The program also hasn’t had much success with the number of students graduating from the program, with only eight students graduating over the past five years.

The Business Advisory Committee reported that 60 percent of PCC students who enter UA Retail and Fashion Consumer Sciences College have completed an associate of business transfer degree. This means they have met the requirements, and this degree is not needed to transfer to the University of Arizona.

In the retail management certificate program, fewer than 10 have enrolled. It has had four graduates in the past five years and has been under consideration for deactivation since Feb. 6.

Another program, International Business Management Certificate, has had fewer than 10 students enrolled since April 12 and only one graduate in the past five years.

Integrated Circuit Layout Design, certificate for direct employment, has had declines because of changes in industry requirements from an associate’s degree to a bachelor’s degree. Its enrollment and graduate rates have varied from zero to three a year.

Social Services Youth Services Specialty has had only eight students graduate, and Social Services Domestic Violence Intervention for the past four years only has had one or two students graduate each year.

“I am actually involved in the retail and fashion consumer science program, but after I found out they are cutting it, I decided to change it because I was already questioning it on going with that program or not,” said student Linett Martinez.

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