No ‘I’ in AGEC 


Pima Community College plans to make changes to its AGEC requirements.

The General Education Committee decided to update the Intensive Writing and Critical Inquiry Requirements for “I” courses at PCC.

AGEC stands for Arizona General Education Curriculum. It is a list of classes used to achieve university general education requirements.

“PCC was out of compliance with the AZ transfer policies as the only Arizona college that does not have a prerequisite for “I” courses,” said Kat Manton, PCC curriculum coordinator.

If courses meet the criteria, they will be offered as “I” courses. All AGEC courses with the “I” will need to take WRT 101 as a prerequisite.

This change will cause some AGEC courses that now have an “I” to lose that designation. In order for students to finish an “I” course, they must have finished a first-semester class in college composition such as WRT 101 or 107.

Classes that will be affected are AIS 122, ANT 105/105LB, ENV 105/105LB and HIS 101/102/105/122. To meet the requirement, students will have to take the course in spring or summer of 2018.

After that time passes, these courses will no longer meet that requirement, but they will continue to meet their other current AGEC designations.

There is a following of many criteria that is needed. Writing 101 will be the minimum prerequisite for all intensive writing and critical inquiry courses.

“It’s about the success of students,” said Chancellor Lee Lambert. “We need a better system. The one we have right now is not getting it done. Getting things lined up to get students more successful.”

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