This letter is a response to Alex De Leóns Opinion piece, Don’t bet on gun control post-Vegas in Issue 4.

Dear Mr. De León,

Your facts are incorrect:

No. 1, politics like this aren’t really proper in a college newsletter.

Two, there is no such thing as a fully automatic weapon. It is automatic or semi-automatic. And, not all firearms are weapons. A weapon is only one specifically designed to kill, harm or intimidate a human being. Not deer, ducks, targets or a collectible.

Three, the “power” of Stephen Paddock’s weapons were insignificant  and irrelevant. They were not nearly so “powerful” as an ordinary 12-gauge shotgun. Besides, at that close range, a .22 would be almost as deadly.

Four, people with mental illnesses already are prevented from possessing firearms by a court order.

No one simply on a watch or no fly list should be banned from possessing a gun. Innocent until proven guilty, the state has burden of proof by our Constitution.

Also, your facts are incorrect. Being able to protect yourself is a universal right. Any legislation, to add to the 20,000 laws already on the books, will make no difference. It does not stop the determined, it only restricts the law abiding. Murder has been illegal over 5,000 years, yet the laws don’t stop some people.

And, self protection is universal. A college dorm is an American home, so what invisible “barrier” prevents violence at a college versus an off-campus home? None. In fact, rape incidents probably are higher as creeps know a high concentration of female college students, often unarmed, walk the campuses.

You are right, money talks. But, do you complain of the money the ACLU spends to fight for our First, Fourth, Fifth or Sixth Amendment rights? Of course not. Is the Second Amendment so very different? No.

Chances are more likely you’ll die in a car wreck than a shooting. But, you have seat belts and air bags, just in case? Why not carry, just in case? One senator was very anti gun until he was held up. Now, he carries and votes down anti-gun legislation

Of course, a Connecticut senator moans. But it is a gun-unfriendly state. Yet Newtown happened, despite its stifling laws.

I am glad this is labeled as “opinion,” as it is erroneous and emotion based, not logical. People are stirred up by extreme left-wingers right now, but, as always, in a month or so they will realize that one more law wouldn’t have stopped Vegas, or any other tragedy.

– Dan Smith

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