College football playoff rankings take shape


With the college football season coming to a close, it is still a little too early to tell which teams are going to make the top four to compete in the playoffs.

In college football, you have those favorites like Southeastern Conference powerhouse University of Alabama, which has been in the playoffs since they began in 2014.

The college football committee is made up of a yearly rotation of current and former coaches or athletic directors. The committee looks for the strengths of schedule, championships won and head-to-head matchups.

The Ohio State University is the only other team that has joined Alabama to make it every year to the playoffs, and Clemson University has made it in the playoffs in the last two years.

But do you like seeing the same teams over and over again? You have to ask yourself if the committee is being fair to the other teams that deserve a shot.

If Alabama keeps on playing like they have, we will probably see them in the Top Four for the next five years.

After the regular season in college football, bowl season arrives. The bowl season allows teams to play other teams from another conference. As a result, teams can be fantastic during conference play, but they can tank during the postseason.

Last year in the Peach Bowl, the matchup was No. 1 Alabama versus No. 4 Washington. Washington is from the PAC-12 conference, and the PAC-12 usually isn’t a strong conference.

Yes, there was probably another team to give Washington a run, but PAC-12 versus a SEC school? The SEC has dominated college football in the last 12 years, with the SEC teams taking the national championship trophy home eight out of the last 12 times.

Losing 24-7 is pretty bad, especially for being on the big stage playing in the semifinal game.

I am not saying that the committee should reconsider with PAC 12 schools, being that Oregon made it to the championship game in 2014 to play Ohio State. Washington simply wasn’t ready for Alabama’s defense.

In the other semifinal game last December, Ohio State played against Clemson.

In what some saw as a surprise, Clemson soundly beat Ohio State 31-0. With Ohio State being a Big Ten team, this was an embarrassment for the team, the conference and the committee.

The championship game of Alabama versus Clemson was a rematch of 2016, but this time Clemson had its revenge.

But keep in mind college football fans usually don’t want blowouts in these highly competitive games. Fans tend to want games that the winner is decided in the last five minutes of the game and not before the first half.

What we have seen from the committee so far is that the fourth seed is usually the team with one loss. Ohio State was the fourth seed that beat Alabama in 2014, then ended up winning the championship in Washington.

This year is going to be complicated because with five teams in the Top 10, who could possibly earn that fourth spot? If the regular season ended today, the playoffs would be a mess, with Georgia versus Clemson and Alabama versus Notre Dame.

So far, the winner of SEC championship game has made it into the playoffs. Georgia is in the eastern division, and Alabama is in the west. These teams are ranked at No. 1 and No. 2, while the No. 3 and No. 4 teams are from the Atlantic Coastal Division. They are in the same scenario as SEC.

It would be great to see Georgia to play in the championship game if only to see something different. Coach Nick Saban and Alabama have already showed their dominance in the game.

It is still early to make any decisions, but this is college football; there will be upsets left and right.

My top four are: No. 1 Georgia; No. 2 Alabama; No. 3 Miami; and No. 4 Oklahoma.

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