Pima’s Top Tier CEO


At Pima Community College, students are encouraged to maintain a standard of excellence. However, that doesn’t come from just anywhere — it starts from the top.

PCC’s own Chancellor Lee D. Lambert holds to this standard, and is clearly setting an example.

“This award that I received in which I was recommended and nominated by the board, it’s a reflection of the great work we have all done,” Lambert said.

At this year’s Association of Community College Trustees Leadership Conference, held in Las Vegas on Sept 27, Lambert was the recipient of the Marie Y. Martin CEO of the Year Award.

“This recognition was well-deserved,” said Mark Hanna, chair of PCC’s Governing Board. “Not only because of the Chancellor’s vision and ability, but also because it reflects the dedication and hard work of each faculty and staff member as we shape Pima Community College for the next 50 years of service to our region.”

In March, Lambert played a large part in getting PCC removed from a sanctions by the college’s accrediting organization, the Higher Learning Commission.

“The Chancellor recognizes that gaining the highest degree of confidence from our accreditor is merely a necessary step to making PCC into a premier community college,” said the PCC board while nominating Lambert for the award. “He has charged administration with looking beyond accreditation to identify other challenges and opportunities, and to make truly substantial change.”

The award is considered prestigious because the ACCT represents more than 6,500 elected trustees and 1,200 community and junior colleges.

Lambert has seemed to be doing well, and hopefully he will be able to contribute to a successful feature.

“There’s no way that anyone sitting in my seat could end up with such an award if the faculty, the staff, our employees, our students and community did not come together for making sure our college is sustainable and focused on the future, so thank you all,” Lambert said.

Pima’s Top Tier CEO

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