Nursing program receives tech grant

PCC makes a deal with Hewlett-Packard to acquire 280 new computers for its nursing students


Soon, Pima Community College’s nurses will be putting down their pens and placing their fingers on the future.

The department’s nursing program is keeping up to date with the latest in computerized testing and will be receiving 280 new HP laptops later this year.

The process did not come easy. This approval took faculty over a year of time and effort to complete.

Pima’s Nursing Support Specialist Bella Adams said “these computers will improve the program” and “they are going to be used a lot.” She said that the computers will cost $220,920, which will be funded by capital funds.

The nurses have been taking their exams on compatible testing sheets called Scantron, a printable assessment tool that has been used by instructors and teachers for years. Though it was a reliable method, it was time to improve the way testing took place at Pima and other nursing programs in the United States.

Teachers of the nursing program will head toward technology-based testing with the help of the new HP laptops.

This new method of testing has caused mixed emotions in college students. PCC student Jazilyn Gullotta, who hopes to enter the nursing program, said she would choose computerized testing over paper and pencil.

However, Heather Newberry, one of the editors for The Daily Wildcat, had another opinion. To date, she said she said she had only taken tests using paper and pencil.

“It would be easier,” she said. “I feel like I could work faster. I could answer questions better.”

On the other hand, student Alex Graf said he would choose paper over laptops because “screens hurt my eyes after a while.”

Pima student Mikayla Deann, who is interested in the surgical tech program, said she would opt for technology, pointing out “they are more organized and less likely to make mistakes while grading.”

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