New agreement with Green Valley property



A new operating agreement for a Green Valley facility was approved Sept. 12 by the Pima Community College Governing Board.
The agreement gives operational control to Pima County, where before it was a jointly operated performing arts and learning center.
“The county and the college have been strong partners at the site for many years,” said Bill Ward, PCC vice chancellor for facilities. “This new operating agreement will allow both parties to effect a mutually satisfactory planned operation and maintenance for the facility and continue the education, health, and leisure pursuit mission and goals of the Green Valley.”
PCC uses its part for a learning center for students ages 55 and older, and the county uses its part for performances.
The original agreement dates back to 2002, when both parties signed an intergovernmental agreement to build the community performing arts and learning center.
“The facility was originally constructed to expand the colleges’ educational mission in the Green Valley area,” said PCC spokeswoman Libby Howell.
The performing arts center, which is owned by the county, consists of a rehearsal room and office spaces for fine arts performances.

The college still manages the learning center, which includes classrooms, conference rooms, administrative offices and instructional support spaces.
Ward said the college and the county found it in the best interests of Pima County taxpayers to partner on the facility.
“The partnership increased the cost effectiveness maximizing common infrastructure, power plant and utilities, architectural style and an efficient structure for operation and maintenance of the site,” Ward said
According to Howell, the property is a key educational opportunity for the college.
“It’s a demographic that is important to Pima,” Howell said.
The new operating agreement will shift daily management, operations and maintenance of the entire facility to a single building complex opposed to separately. The county now will be responsible for the entire site.
The new agreement also noted standard maintenance the facility requires, such as work on surrounding landscape, parking lots and walkways.
“The annual maintenance and operational costs associated with the Learning Center portion of the facility will now be covered by the county,” Ward said.
Throughout the years, the facility has served various functions. It’s currently being used by the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute that is associated with the University of Arizona.
The UA was able to use the facility under a facility license agreement with PCC.
“The terms are going to continue to be honored by the county as part of the new operating agreement,” Ward said.”

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