Aztecs lose a warrior



Pima Community College student and football player Jordan Waddell died in a car crash the night of Sept. 28. With him in the vehicle was Donovan Moore, a former PCC student and current University of Arizona football player.

According to the Tucson Police Department, the 22-year-old Waddell was killed when he ran a red light, “hitting another vehicle and smashing into a pole near Pima’s West Campus.” Investigators are looking into other factors that could have contributed to the crash.

Currently a walk-on wide receiver for UA, Moore is a former PCC receiver and quarterback. He first was hospitalized after the crash, according to an email sent Sept. 29 to Pima faculty from Provost Dolores Durán-Cerda. Moore since has been released from the hospital and is recuperating from a concussion and sore ribs, according to the Arizona Daily Star.

The executive vice chancellor’s email included words from head football coach Jim Monaco, position coach John Carbajal and Edgar Soto, dean of athletics.

“In the short time Jordan was with us, the impact he made on the team was that of a veteran player,” Monaco said. “Jordan always had a positive attitude. He was a great player, student and teammate and was admired and loved by all his teammates and coaches. He will be missed terribly.”

According to Carbajal, Waddell “came here and fit in well with everyone. I always tell guys I coach, they’re my family and we got to rely on each other. They’re all my kids and it’s going to be tough. We’ll keep plugging away and do everything for him.”

“(Waddell) was a kind and cordial young man and he was just doing his part to make it,” Soto said. “He was doing his best to be a good student and a good football player. It was a pleasure to get to know him.”

The Aztecs will wear Waddell’s initials on the backs of their helmets for the rest of the season.


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